Head Concussion D=

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Dead_On_Justice, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Hey EMC. As some of you know I have a severe head concussion. I will not be on EMC a lot, but I will try. Thanks EMC!
  2. Screens aren't recomended when you have concussions, though sleep is;)
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  3. Hope you get better soon my friend, also i suffer of migrane sometimes, good luck Dead :D
  4. if you havent already notify icc to give you derelict protection whilst you recover :)
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  5. Hope you get better! once my brother had gotten a concussion and he had it from September 2012 to June 2013 (when he was officially cleared).
  6. Yeah. It is INSANELY severe. If you like normally poked it, I'd have to go to the hospital. There is a tiny possibility I might even die if it gets that bad. It's that severe.
  7. Oh Dead_On_Justice I really hope you get better soon. Good luck. Hope you don't die.....Now im really scared.
  8. Why is everybody I am around have a severe concussion? I know three other people with severe concussions.
  9. How did you get it?

    Get well soon! :)
  10. Anyone with a concussion or illness. Please get well soon
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  11. Get well soon!
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  12. I almost got a concussion last Saturday in soccer, luckily I didn't but I kinda know how you feel.

    Like the above said, do NOT look at any screens including forum posts. It's for your own good that you don't look at any electronic screens and sleep for most of the day or stay in some place dark, because direct sunlight isn't good for you. Don't even bother with PM'ing ICC for derelict protection because the more you look at a screen it'll get worse. I'll contact ICC for you.
  13. Don't die. Please. Get better. Avoid muffins.
  14. that is very kind of you here is a gift of 350 rupees (pretty much all that I had in my pocket)
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  15. That's very nice of you, but I don't accept the payment :p

    I'll refund when I get back from soccer but I don't do this for money :p
  16. plz accept the money it is a gift
  17. Im lucky cross country results in not many concussions...
    Although, a girl did trip and ram into a tree...
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  18. ...ouch
  19. I play lacrosse, and that doesn't involve many concussions, unless someone hits you in the head with there stick. It's like it comes out of nowhere and BAM! Gotta be careful of the dirty teams. I actually got hit in the head by this tall mean dirty player, and she was a bulldozer! She hit me in the head with her stick because I had the ball, so it was typically a high check, but the refs didn't call that. It was all on film btw too, and I looked like I wanted to kill her in the video after doing that. I wouldn't do that, but I was mad! Now I play for a way better teak, because the team I played for that year wasn't that friendly either.
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