Having Trouble Taming Ocelots

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  1. Hi might be a simple issue but I can't seem to work it out. I bought 2 ocelot eggs from the empire shop, and have tried to tame them at my property with raw fish but every time I give fish nothing happens and some of the fish re-spawns in my inventory. I put the tame ocelot flag on my res and still nothing. I had no trouble with wolves but I've gone through near a stack of fish and lost two ocelots to despawning and nothing so kinda getting frustrated.
    Any ideas to help me out?
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  2. Ok ok ok... Listen shhh don't talk (lol)
    First get ur fish
    Then get ur cat
    Then stand four or three blocks away from it
    U must be on a strate line with it
    U can not be across from it
    Try to tame it, it might take 5/10 shots at it. If it doesn't work do what it says below

    This is only what I have been told...
    If I am wrong ask a staff...
    Have a good day or night.

    I'm out
    Goodbye from ~CDK
  3. Stand still holding a fish. It has to be in an open area, if they are in a cage they won't tame. When the cat sneaks towards you slowly give it the fish. If hearts appear above it's head you are breeding it not taming.
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  4. I like this. I would only add, don't put your cursor on it or try to give it fish until it is walking back towards you.
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  5. They can be in a cage as long as it has plenty of room. Be careful because they can run off your res and despawn if they aren't tamed. You don't have to be in a straight line, just somewhere near them that isn't super close. Sometimes if they aren't coming up to you, you'll have to give them a nudge and get them to run around and try again.
  6. I'll try in a larger area then I made a small kennel so maybe that's the issue. Tamed heaps of ocelots on my single player worlds but not in a smaller area like I've done this time, Thanks heaps :D
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  7. 2 things: There was a problem with entities and feeding them not too long ago, so it is possible that you were caught in its aftermath. But another thing: careful when using the Empire /shop. It's way overpriced, so if you value your rupees you're better off using player shops (try using /v +shop to find a random one).
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  8. ah ok, yeah wanted to avoid the empire shop but I couldn't find any shops on Smp6 that sold ocelot eggs
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  9. Try server hoping and typing /v +directory
    On each server. It will take you to a shopping teleport hub where you can browse shops.

    I've had the same issue with these silly cats. In the year I've been here I've been able to tame 1. I'm guessing there's an art to it...
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  10. i can help you i have done it before

    stand about 10 blocks awayfrom it crouched with fish
    then it will "sneak" towards you, this is called begging mode
    once it is 3 blocks away from you, feed it the fish, it may run away with the fish, if it does you must wait 10 seconds before it enters begging mode again.
    hope it helps :D
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  11. I have that same problem. It happened after the 1.9 update. I think it's because of the update, but I can't be sure. The easiest way is to switch to an older version on Minecraft.
  12. You can't connect on any version older than 1.9 :p