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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Equinox_Boss, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. I am Block-listed from spamhaus.org/, so I went to the website and I went to the "Block list removal center" and entered my IP. That did not work. So I went through the FAQ's and found nothing. Then I went through threads on EMC and tried all the suggestions. That did not work.
    Is it just me? What am I doing wrong? Is there an easier way? Please help.

    Thank you.
  2. Not just you bud, I had the same issue, keep trying again and again it does work
  3. Equinox, Spamhaus blocks IP address' that is either malicious or infected. If you have an anti-virus (I recommend AVG, Norton, or ESET) I suggest you scan it. If you do not already have an anti-virus get one. Spamhaus blocks infected IP address'. This can either be related to a worm, malware, or a virus. The virus' and worms might be using your computer (or someone in your home) to send data to other computers to infect them or the worm or virus might be sending it to the command center.
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  4. Did you even visit the spamhaus site before spewing this post?

    My IP was blocked because it was shared by many others (im using my phones 3G as a access point) so please stop scaremongering and give some sound advice, Equinox check to see what the reason is for the blacklisting, its normally because 1, you IP allows the sending of unsolicited Emails via SMPT or 2, because your IP address is used by many people....

    They also block because of the reasons you stated but it may not allways be the case , Check Equinox before panicking about viruses
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  5. Flame much?

    First of all it is a suggestion if he has an anti-virus. AND YES I have visited Spamhaus website so don't go flaming on me like your some pro alright? You don't know me like that and I wasn't even talking to you so you shouldn't be flaming all over me. All I can say is take a chill pill before you go ranting about how "experienced" you are.

    We don't know the main cause of his problem so "suggestions" are open.
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  6. Your suggestions where tantamount to scaremongering.

    Also I told how to go and check as the website tells you exactly why you have been black listed.

    I don't Flame I Blaze
  7. Corny... but who cares :p
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  8. Can someone just please give me the Email and stop fighting like kids.
  9. Happens to me as well. I'm at a hotel, so it isn't my usual IP. Someone must be using the network with an infected machine. :(

    I am wondering why I'm not allowed to play minecraft because my external IP has been detected participating in a botnet, but I am allowed to browse the forums even though my external IP has been detected participating in a botnet?

    What is the reasoning behind using spamhaus to prevent people logging onto the server? I'm not sure it will protect you from anything.
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