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  1. Yes Foxy is truthfully out of Order!
    It all happened around midnight last night where mumble sounded like a good idea. Rio and x7mx wouldn't get over there craze of my fan art counterpart so I looked for a voice dubber. Looked around downloaded one, didn't work, un-downloaded it, had to restart my computer, and now my computer can't recognize my sound drivers.

    Take word from me and many others will say the same. Please know what and where the download is and see if it is a trusted site. If any of those things you say no or don't know, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!!!

    EDIT: My laptop is being worked on by online technicians. (Uggh what a pain) They are being very slow and I hope to be up and running by tonight. I'll be able to be on my desktop but I would prefer to run on my laptop.
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  2. This is a bump of what is happening now....

    I am on my desktop at the moment mostly concerned of the online technicians looking over my computer when I have to leave for work in about a half hour.
  3. What online technicians are looking at your computer? Please describe in detail.
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  4. It is a program they run on your computer called 'GoToAssist' They have control and you can message them asking them questions or concerns you have. Currently, the tech guys that I have currently are trying to direct me to a microsoft agent of some sort. Apparently I got a nasty virus and this agent will optimize my computer to remove this bugger.
  5. Where did you find these technicians? What you describe is a common method of scamming you out of $$$ and also stealing personal information at the same time.
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  6. These technicians are from TweakBit, they provide software to fix broken computers like mine. They are a part of norton and they are in partner of Microsoft. This time I looked this fellas up and they are well certified.

    This morning I had to call their toll-free line, they answered quickly and they started doing a whole computer diagnosis. Again, they are now getting a microsoft tech guy to get my whole computer optimized.
  7. Not saying they are or are not a scam.. but I can't find anything saying they're related to Norton or Microsoft =/

    EDIT: I also can't see anything on their apparently legit website that says they have a toll free line or offer technical support - the legit TweakBit seem to just offer programs...
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  8. Norton is almost a scan in and of itself. Microsoft also does not partner with companies from what I know, they just give a form of Microsoft certification that lets you know that the group knows their way around Windows computers. They never verify the legitimacy of programs.

    A driver issue is usually a simple uninstall, reinstall/update in the Device Manager. From what you described, they are just looking for problems to charge you for (if they are actually legitimate).

    Just from a quick search, it seems that most of their reviews are either negative or are what appear to be fake positive reviews. I can't find any connection to Norton or a Microsoft partnership.

    Edit: I also found scam sites recommending TweakBit as a tool to remove Norton. Why would Norton partner with a tool that can remove it?
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  9. As far as I'm aware, they have nothing to do with Norton or Microsoft and are not affiliated in any way.
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  11. Hm...
    let's just say I hope this will turn out well.
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  13. Happening now....
    Got my money back from twerkbit and currently moving to microsoftfixit centers
  14. I broke something! Yay!
  15. This costed me 25$ so far....
  16. Shoulda just stuck to Deviantart and left the voice modulators alone.
  17. Boy I'll rip you to shreds.
  18. Or stuff me in an animatronic?
  19. Yeah the one you dearly like >:3
  20. Don't tempt me with a good time.