Have you Ver been griefed?

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Have you ever been griefed?

Yes 21 vote(s) 67.7%
No 10 vote(s) 32.3%
Been a griefer 1 vote(s) 3.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi, have you ever been griefed? If so please say yes on poll so we can help put a stop to griefing and make them sorry they ever griefed.
  2. i was griefed and am so mad they stole sticky pistons and whatnot
  3. Well that is very bad, considering slimes rarity
  4. Building in the wilderness will result in being griefed one time or another. I hate to break it to everyone but posting a poll like this one won't stop griefers from being greifers or make them feel upset. The best thing you can do is screen cap them in the act, which is very difficult, but isn't impossible.
  5. i just got greifed.....
  6. If you got griefed, then do you have any idea who did it? If not, we can't help you or stop griefers.
  7. well, it was my fault. i was building on a plot that other people had build perms on, too
  8. Who had the perms?
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  9. i dont know, i was on oidking and oidgod's lot. they are virtual friends that i know wouldn't steal or greif me
  10. hey, oidgod's the VP assistant, maybe we could get him to discuss griefing at the meeting
  11. i got greifed by either matstar1, or someone else i forget who
  12. maybe we could make this the official thread to report griefers when they are offline
  13. the other person was progamerwinn123
  14. well is there a logblock
  15. If you have been griefed, but dont know by who, we are sorry but we can't really do much about it except advise you to be more careful with permissions in the future. If you happen to capture soemone in the act however and get screen captures please start a conversation with a moderator or admin, and include the screen caps and we will do our best to see justice served.
    Bear in miind that if someone has build permissions they cannot open your chests, but they can still destroy your chests which scatter all the contents on the floor and make them available for pickup.
  16. Yes alot stole 100 diamonds and stll never admitted to it
  17. Yes good idea
  18. BillBowa1998 blocked me in my mine with a creeper and could have died. Idk if cloggingmyour mine tunnel is hpgriefing but i think it it
  19. no it isn't it was in the wasteland and no damage was done thank you for this notification