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  1. Hai all

    I read one of the newspapers and saw this ( words from a newspaper )

    A SPAMMING cyberwar between rival websites has reduced some internet and email services around the world to a crawl.

    The battle between an anti-spam website and a web hosting company it blacklisted has seen up to 300gigabytes of data a second being unleashed across the internet.

    Among the sites affected was video-streaming service Netflix but, with just 50gb of data enough to crash a bank’s servers, there were fears the problem could escalate.

    IT security consultant Kevin Wharram said the attackers were beginning to threaten the crucial domain name system (DNS) which underpins the internet.

    He added: ‘If they managed to direct too much traffic through the DNS, it could bring down the internet.’

    The target of the week-long attack is Spamhaus, a not-for-profit organisation based in London and Geneva.

    It says it is retaliation for blacklisting Dutch company Cyberbunker, which is based in a former Nato bunker and offers to host anything online other than child porn and terror sites.

    Spamhaus claims the attack – widely acknowledged as the largest of its type ever seen – was the work of an alliance of hacktivists and cyber-criminals.

    Botnets on home and business computers were being used in the attack without owners’ knowledge. In particular, a weakness in insecure broadband routers was being exploited.

    A group calling itself the STOPhaus Movement accused Spamhaus of ‘abusing its influence’ as a self-appointed censor. Five national cyber-police forces were investigating the attack, which Spamhaus chief executive Steve Linford said had enough power to take down government internet operations.

    Here's a link to site - http://metro.co.uk/2013/03/27/spam-battle-slows-down-entire-internet-3563410/

    What's your take on this.
  2. I swear Spamhaus actually spams websites...
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  3. Search Spamhaus it seams they tracks the Internet's worst Spammers, known Spam Gangs and Spam Support Services

    But 300gb per Second is lunched into the web (DNS) and that Netflix was at 5gb for steaming. I mean that's like taking on the hole world and crashing bank servers. Well if they bring down www. Most things wil not work.
  4. Thought even searching Spamhaus comes up with reports from other newspapers and news centres and even now on TV watching the news

    Plus it a project and black listing sites and hackers are gettin back that the company but everyone is being dragged into it
  5. yeesh! hope i dont accidentally get one of those packets!(to the tune of spongebob "f is for fire, burning down the city") wham goes my router, boom goes my laptop, SLAM goes my internet tv, CRASH goes my website and it screws me!!!!!
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  6. Spamhaus sucks. There used to be a Spamhaus thing in our server code, and it would block ANYONE who used any form of 3g/4g from connecting to the servers.
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  7. The the comments and what is said about them


    Quote from a website

    Looks like we've just experienced one of the worst days in history of the Internet. Millions of users were affected by a snarl that led to delays in loading websites or accessing other online services.

    One of the major reasons for the slowdown was a tiff between Spamhaus ,a group fighting spam and Cyberbunker, a Dutch company that hosts Web sites said to be sending spam that led to one of the largest computer attacks on the Internet, causing widespread congestion and jamming crucial infrastructure around the world.

    Link used - http://gadgets.ndtv.com/internet/ne...one-why-it-was-one-bad-day-for-the-web-347585