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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mogrimoogle, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. Have you ever witnessed unfair punishment in EMC by moderators? I'm just curious. Don't use any actual names or references to who the individuals may be.

    Make sure everything you have to say follows the EMC Rules.
  2. I'm going to assume that you made this thread because you recently witnessed unfair punishment by an EMC Moderator. If you have, instead of making a public thread, start a private conversation with Jeremy, our community manager.
  3. Then you have assumed incorrectly, good sir!

    Edit: Can't one speak with the EMC community without getting attacked under false accusations?
  4. Im sorry, where were you attacked?
  5. An assumption isn't an attack. I simply found it unlikely that you would be looking for Moderation errors without prior provocation. I left the thread unlocked in case you were just curious, but my message still applies to all who wish to share their stories about Moderation errors. These players would be better served to talk to Jeremy, rather than post their qualms on a public forum. Anonymous or not, it just isn't constructive. I apologize if my first post was in any way taken as hostile, but I am simply trying to help the community.
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  6. Well done :)
  7. If you didn't see anything, why start a thread? It just causes the wrong idea to be put into peoples heads.

    Plus, it is not possible for you players to see "unfair punishment". Players do not have the details on a situation.

    Permaban for caps? How do you know if that player has already been tempbanned for caps 10 times already?

    Please, let us do our job, and don't start threads based on drama that doesn't exists.
    If you see a mod going on a kick/ban rampage that you think is unwarranted, PM ICC and thats it. No public threads.
Thread Status:
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