Have you ever saved the life of a wild animal?

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  1. Hello EMC, I bring this thread to you because I found a baby bird inside my shed that had died and I knew where the nest was, I found it's 3 little baby siblings also on the floor of the shed but they were alive! So with the help of my parents, we picked them up and put them back in the nest. The reason I knew we saved them is because we found the momma bird, also dead next to the baby bird. So then I felt bad and dug up half my yard and got worms for them to eat, after the babies were all fed and happy, (also about 10 pecks later -.-) I left for the night and I woke up in the perfect time a few days later and looked out the window to the shed (yes I fed them worms myself for a few days) and saw 3 grown up birds come out of the nest and fly away. Now, this thread is here because I am interested to hear if anyone here had done anything to help out a wild animal just because, I love animals :)
  2. My dog nearly got hit by a car when I was about 12 years old. The car never would have seen her if I didn't run in front of her as fast as I could. It was inches away from hitting me by the time it stopped. I ran back on to the path I came from in panic, and then exploded into a public rage when my dog ran off again and I realized I could have died about 5 seconds prior :p

    I found her in someone's garden in the nearest street. Nearly three years on, I don't regret the decision to do what I did. If I didn't do that, the last thing I would have seen of my dog is her remains smattered all over the road and I wouldn't have the wonderful memories I have of her I do now. Life would also be very boring without her.

    Also, note: she has ran out multiple times after this and has never came this close to getting hit by a car since (she was, however, attacked by another, much larger dog a few years ago... she bit its face and ran away :p). Its amazing how she hasn't been run over - I'm just worried that her luck will run out one day and I won't be there to stop something happening again >.>

    She's not a wild animal in what you mean in the title, but she's my wild animal :p

    The only other wild animal I've ever saved is an ant called Bill I found when I was five. I stood on him (on purpose), put him in a plastic bag and nursed him back to health. I tried with other insects over the course of four years, with failure... every. single. time.
  3. Well, I think I've found a cat in my garage once..
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  4. Not quite the same thing, but I have a similar story with a different ending. Brace yourself people, tragic tale inbound.

    This story is not about me (although I was there, and tried my best. No, this story is about someone you all know and love; Luckygreenbird). It was last summer. LGB and I had gone to the zoo to see some animals, but mainly to mess around in the budgie exhibit. We had a good time for about and hour and half before we saw something. Hark! A small bird, lying on its back, its breath uneven and heavy, with its leg bent at an odd angle. Well, we acted quickly, informing the employees that a bird was seriously injured, and could be going into cardiac arrest. While I was doing this, LGB went to try and calm the bird down. He put his hand down, and the bird sort of rolled into it. He talked to the bird in a very low voice, stroking it so as to relieve some of its obviously intense stress. However, some other people saw what we were doing, and came over to look at the bird. They started crowding around us and the bird, despite our protests. The bird started panicking, and leaped out of LGB's hand to try and fly away, but it couldn't! So he tried to waddle away as quickly as his minuscule legs would carry him. However, this put too much stress on his already fragile heart. Shortly after he started his escape attempt, the cute little avian creature stopped suddenly, fell over, and moved no more. The animal experts arrived shortly afterward, but it was too late. The adorable bird had already moved on to the great bird cage in the sky . . .
  5. I've saved a fair amount of wild rabbits in my days from death-by-dachshund, but my most notable experience was when I successfully raised a sparrow chick to adulthood.

    It was at summer camp, quite a few years ago. I was waiting outside of the dining hall, when suddenly 3 or 4 little balls of fluff came rolling down the roof--they were baby sparrows who had been knocked out of their nest by a starling. The camp owner came quickly with a broom (as the roof was very high off the ground) to try and catch the birds in peril. Sadly, she missed two of them, and they died upon impact with the ground. One had its fall (and a few bones) broken on the way down but survived, and the last one was caught, uninjured.

    The survivors were delivered to my cabin where we whipped up some food for them and fed their hungry beaks. They were named Harry and Peanut (I think we can all agree I've never been the best at giving names).
    Unfortunately, the next day we found that Harry had died from his wounds. However, Peanut was thriving, especially now that he got all the food to himself.

    A couple weeks later, the sparrow was eagerly jumping all across the room, healthier than ever. We finally decided to take him outside and teach him (as well as a ground-dwelling human can) to fly. He was a fast learner and was soon darting excitedly to the top of the cabin roof and back. After one last goodbye, he flew away into the woods, never to be seen again.

    ...Or so we thought.

    It turned out that we had taught Peanut to be a little too friendly around humans. Camp staff were often showing up at the cabin door with a happy sparrow on their head, wishing to return the little scoundrel. This became a regular thing the rest of the season.
    Now with Peanut long gone, I can only hope that he found a mate and lived a long, joyous life.
  6. Wow these stories are great so far and I'm not gonna lie, Blacknight, yours made me cry a little XD
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  7. I'm not gonna lie, I cried a little when it happened.
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  8. My dog nearly gets hit by cars all the time. He rolls in the middle of the road, and when a car approaches it he stands there and barks at the car.... Only once the car has applied its breaks to not hit my dog does my dog get out of the way >.<

    I think this one time, I saved a goat. It wasnt a wild goat though, what happened was I heard a screaming goat at my neighbor's house a few years back. I ran over to see the issue- I immediately saw the issue; my other neighbor's dog was killing all the goats with his bare teeth. I got scared and rode my bike lightning speed to the dog owner's house and reported my findings, they ran back with me but we heard a gunshot before arriving at the scene. A new person had arrived in the neighborhood and he had some kind of glock in his hand when we saw him approach the scene. In an attempt to save the goats, he tried to shoot the dog but missed... 3 times.... and even shot one of the unharmed goats killing it.... but he scared the dog from the rest of the goats. We quickly called the owners of the goats and explained what happened. 4 goats died that day. If only the new guy had a better shot... #TrueStory #2010
  9. I've gone out of my way to help animals often in little ways. I've never done mouth to mouth or anything fancy. Mostly things like moving frogs and toads away from where I am mowing and rescuing baby birds and squirrels from cats and that sort of thing. I guess stopping to let them cross in front of my car should count too. I've avoided hurting a lot of animals that way.

    Probably the most extensive rescue was when my girlfriend and I found a Robin that was tangled in fishing line and stuck in a tree. We didn't want to traumatize the bird too much so rather than handle him to get it all untangled we clipped the line enough here an there so we thought it would not snag and would eventually all come off then let him go.

    We get a lot of ladybugs in our entryway in the Fall when the weather is right and one year I did something pretty funny. I had been nudging the ladybugs onto a sheet of paper then letting them go out the door and thought there must be a better way. I took a little portable car vacuum and vacuumed a bunch of them up and went to release them on our garden. I was surprised when I opened the bag and nothing but wings were in there. I had not realized what the vacuum's impeller would do to them. I went back to coaxing them onto paper after that.
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  10. I feed my cat everyday, so I guess yeah. If I didn't feed him, he'd die.
  11. I love all these stories of people helping animals! I have pretty much dedicated my life to animals. I have both of my degrees in animal/conservation fields and have been a zookeeper, veterinary assistant, and shelter worker. I once helped perform emergency surgery on a baby llama that had gotten stabbed in the abdomen by a deer, and have hand raised animals from birds to kittens to kangaroos to antelope when there was no mother to care for them. Just last night I saved a wolf spider from being squashed by snatching him away from his would-be murderer and ushering him outside. :D
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  12. Some of the things you guys have wrote here have reminded me of all the pets I think I've failed. The most recent being my rabbit, who I was going to check up on one night and make sure she was OK. I got home from school the next day only to be told she had died overnight. I can't help but wonder what would have happened if I had checked on her. When I found out, I didn't cry over her death: I cried because I felt guilty. It's not like I could have stopped her having a heart attack in the dead of the night, but maybe if I went outside and checked on her the butterfly effect would have been merciful :p
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  13. Don't have much time, but within a span of two weeks several weeks ago I was involved in helping to find the home of two stray dogs. One I found at my highschool and it was basically on the track, but all track kids ignored it.
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  14. What's his badge number?
  15. This was many years ago and I have moved 3 times since then. I dont think he was law enforcement but he was definitely able to carry.