Have enraged stopped dropping stone fragments?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by tzgiles, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. A few of us have been hunting enraged mobs for a week or more, but the last few days have not seen one stone fragment drop despite killing enraged mobs at similar rates as last week when I was able to get several fragments. Does anyone know if the drop rate has been reduced or stopped altogether?
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  2. I have no idea that there were stone fragments.
  3. I can safely confirm that they have not :)
  4. Just super bad luck :/
    Remember, looting III gets you more now :)
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  5. *Hacks in Looting 1000*
  6. Not at all. I just now got one from an enraged zombie.
  7. Technically, that would be negative looting, as any enchantment above 127 becomes negative. 128=-1, 129=-2, and so on. Have fun with looting 1000. ;)
  8. code caps effect to 3... so even we had a special emc items with higher looting wont help more than a looting 3 sword :p
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  9. Ah, well, I'm sure I can find somebody to blame. Back to the hunt!
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  10. Killed and enraged creeper. 4 TNT, and some gunpowder. Can't say I am disappointed in my Looting III Sword
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  11. I kill tons of enraged mobs and so far I only have 5 stone fragments. I guess you just have to keep trying. I've been using a looting 3 sword and I get tons of mob heads tho. :eek: