Have a 1,000-word paper written for you on the subject of your choice, only 750r!

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  1. Right guys, since I always need my creative juices flowing whenever I try to write part of my book, I'm going to offer you all a unique service; the ability to have a 1,000 word paper written on your command, about any topic you want. All for only 1000r, one for each word, and you won't have to pay any more if I go over :)
    (price has been bumped up since I won't be charging the 20% cut, anyone who has made an application will be charged 750r as with before :) )

    I'll have the paper put on Pastebin and I'll send you the link via pm ASAP.
    I'll usually have it done in the space of a day or two, depends if anything comes up.
    I reserve the right to deny any inappropriate or rude request.
    All works are my intellectual property, released under this license.
    If you're selling this stuff in book+quill form, all I ask is a 20% cut and I won't have a mod take a banhammer to you for stealing my intellectual property

    Now, without further ado, who wants a paper?
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  2. I don't think you can, can you? Haha You probably can, hmm..

    Great, good luck :)
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  3. I would like one.
    It should be about Stars and how "I" was made.

    Something like
    "In a Galaxy Far,Far away,A star once once born.
    The star soon got the ability to talk.
    On his travels,He encounternd many things and learned alot, But he never forgot his home,Empire.
    The empire was a wierd bunch of people which collabortet over things. etc

    Up for the challange?
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  4. Good luck selling juices on papers.
  5. I wont pay until I think I like it but:

    A Book about ME! (nfell2009)
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  6. Wanting someone to do your homework for you? Looks like you're back at it... -_-
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  7. No.

    A book about Quantum physics!
  8. Will do!
  9. No what?!
  10. or just paper, ill write it into a book. I need inspirations for a book about someone who gets sucked into his computer when playing mc and how he survives.
  11. Man dont write a story about my life i live ere for 13 years now!
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  12. Star's paper is complete, I'm using this to boost the creative juices for my book writing and I must do that now.
    Nfell, your paper will be started and finished tomorrow :)
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  13. Was just thinking that, because under the rights of the very licence he linked to, we don't have pay him anything, so long as we link his work.
  14. yes, I fixed that :)
  15. I would like another one.
    I want It to be about my Bf3 soldier.
    Link for facts:
    Under the text Soldiers there should be a pic of a soldier face,Click it and you should see my stats,If not,Ill send you a Printscreen :)
    Please include these facts in the story
    Kind of like
    "Even though he has killed over 1500 men,This one seemed to kill him" (You get it?)

    I want to be like this : (Kind of)
    The beginning
    "He ran down the hills of damavand peak and shot "Gamer99" with his rifle. He continued his fight and planted the objective while looking for enemies."

    I think you get it.

    It should end with something like
    "He heard the bomb explode and the bf3 music came back. He had brought his team to victory of the stinking terrorists.
    The "You won" screen came up and he prepared himself for another game and another trial to survive...."

    Please make it dramatical :)
  16. "And behold, on days on whence he got bored, he would change to Support and troll those snipers to living hell"
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  17. I'll put you in the queue :)
  18. Volt are you like me? Whenever I'm doing a English exam:


    Counts up words when finished: gets over 1000 words :mad:
    Then I madly cut out half of what I wrote.
  19. My friend who now lives in NZ was an amazing writer who was better in like grade 3 than like people in at least Grade 9, he just had this amazing way of writing. It was really funny he wrote a like 300 page book about he and his friends escaping from school in G2