Hats Mod

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  1. This mod allows the player to select from 77 premade hats to add to their character.
    You can also chose to colour your hats how you wish.
    Normally a mod like this would require a servers side mod to be installed as well.
    But, if this is used on a server without the mod installed, all players will appear to be wearing random hats.

    More info to be found here and here
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  2. Was this made by Valve? ;)
  3. I wondered how long it would be before somebody made that joke, but the first post lol....
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  4. This mod is Approved for EMC usage
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  5. hatz r epic lolzzzzzzzz
    i might install this mod it seems fun
  6. This looks awesome, I'd use the cat in the hat hat for the win!
    I mean, after all, it Is Cat in the hat. Who doesn't love that.
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  7. And the Mob Arena will be a perfect time to test this :)
  8. Initial testing went well....
    2013-04-04_01.42.45.png 2013-04-04_01.43.09.png 2013-04-04_01.43.46.png
    2013-04-04_01.45.50.png 2013-04-04_01.46.16.png
    Although this mod certainly does not get along well with Rei's Minimap
  9. You sure that ain't just your texture pack? When I put on texture packs, especially in 1.5, sometimes Rei's Minimap gets that 'Error: Null' message.

    Nick's skin looks even more creepy with a cat in the hat hat... Didn't think that was possible :p
    Stop being a jerk pl0x i was going to make that joke but den yoo took it from me why did u do dat???? D:

    In all seriousness you actually just stopped me from overusing that joke :p
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  10. It's certainly the mod, only got it after the Hat Mod, and I have been using Vattic's 32x since the 1.3 days.
  11. If only MC skins had higher resolutions....

    And I think I look quite fabulous in that hat.
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    It's 2 in the morning over here and I have no light on.

  13. I don't know about you but it got along with my Rei's minimap. I don't really like forge, as I've had troubles with it in the past, and it usually crashes my MC. I managed to get it to work and some of the hats are pretty cool. I wish there were more!
  14. dis is fun ... 2013-04-03_22.54.48.png
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  15. Last post derped :I But here's the best one :D
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