Hash McGeyser, Womanizer

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  1. 1r = 1 classmate he has to use these on IRL.
  2. Once again, the tiger is speechless.
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  3. Wow, that's some good stuff!!
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  4. I bring all the blocks to the yard.
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  5. You're like a hashbrown, I will eat you for breakfast. :p lol
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  6. Accurate. Me:

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  7. Can I have, like, 4?
  8. I say, you're one who can really twist words and references into something that makes me amazed and stupefied. Of course amazement doesn't come to me often, as I have nothing to be amazed about anymore. Thus I do believe you've done an exemplar job.
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  9. Wow, Hashhog knows stuff

    You must be Minecraft, and I must be Roblox, dang, you are way more awesome