Has this happened to you??

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Primescary, May 31, 2013.

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  1. I got banned for no reason! I was glitching in the nether and i got banned XD! Just wondering if anyone else has experienced that?
  2. first thing that popped into my head: Ryan Higa's voice: "I have no balls!".

    anywho, were you banned by system or a player?
  3. Being banned is no laughing matter...
  4. Yes, i'm certain a lot of us here used illegal mods. (Face to the palm.)
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  5. Player and I'm only laughing because i totally wasn't cheating, my laptop freaks out on my games all the time
  6. PM whoever banned you :)
  7. i did.....
  8. Yes, well. I suggest a new computer with that.
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  9. Well that cost money i don't have :(
  10. There is nothing else you should do about it right now in that case. You just have to hope your appeal worked.
  11. Wow that is strange, so are you sure that you werent using any mods that you forgot to take off or anything?
    Maybe send a message to a mod and ask for the reason why, beacause other then my first option, i really dont know, good luck though :D
  12. I only had optifine and rei's minimap. I was on a minecart and lag kicked in badly, and when i stopped moving BOOM went the ban hammer
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  13. Define what you mean by ( " Glitching " ).
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  14. Flying through blocks and frame rate at 0
  15. Well, flying through blocks would indicate a hack. Casing you to walk into walls. Like what truffle said recently. Pm the Staff member who banned you.
  16. I have pm'd them. And i gltich into walls where i then start to die
  17. I was reading the proper procedure for appealing a ban and is it 100% guarantee that my res and rupees are gonna be reset? :confused:
  18. I can post the video here for everyone to see, if you'd like.
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  19. Go ahead. My story is the truth.
  20. I'm sure we would all <3 that
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