Has This Ever Happened to You

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  1. So this is the second time this has happened to me. You get a deal all set up to trade/sell/buy some stuff with someone, and you are almost ready to do the trade. Then the next day when the trade is planned to happen you do a /p on the person's name and BAM, they are permanently banned. So I was wondering, has this happened to you? Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 11.42.43 AM.png
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  2. I sold a Dual Spawner to KingOfKraft13 then 1 month later he was banned
  3. all three of them? they were pretty nice people....
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  4. I know...I died a little inside
  5. To think Andy said he got that double chest of gold ingots through 'hard work and friends'....
  6. People said he had a gold gen, but they said that it was a legal one :p. It must have been something else
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  7. I hate the way the :p face looks!!!!!! It always puts a different emotion that I dont intend >_<
  8. Actually the people listed in that screenshot were banned this morning. Someone on SMP7 was banned this morning for shop selling exploit as well. They were all off and on each smp I was on lastnight/early this morning.
  9. On a related note, I have 10 Double chests of sand and 5 Double chests of sandstone that I cant sell to bushy anymore :( so there will be a thread selling that stuff coming up soon
  10. I got golfers grinder for free when he got banned :)
    He was very kind!
  11. I do believe the gold was legit, he showed me his gold farm design and everything.
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  12. It wasnt because of the grinder.
  13. Was he duping them then?
  14. They were doing a good fireworks show. And I bought wool of bushyspecialk just this morning.
  15. I think I know what they were banned for... When EMC first updated to 1.4.6 yesterday when you bought stuff from a chest through a sign shop it gave you the item gave the player the rupees but in the end that item was still in thew chest... What I mean is let's say someone found out about this glitch whilst it was still active; You could potentially set up a shop saying 1728 diamonds for free (which is a full single chest) and then you could come on in an alt and but those diamonds for free as much as you wanted... It was for the players aware a way of duping, I was aware of this glitch as when one of my friends found Netherack in a shop they bought heaps of it (4 double chests) they weren't aware of the glitch but then told me about it and I found this out. Anyway when they bought the Netherack it was from a single chests but they got 4 double chests worth so uh yeah pretty major bug... I was going to report it but then the server rebooted for bug fixes... After the reboot my friend and I went over to my res and tested it on some dirt to see if we still needed to report it, and it was fixed!

    It's sad how these respected players had to abuse this glitch :(
  16. Well heres the story ACCORDING TO ANDY: (A mod can remove this post if it is not allowed)
    Basically andy sold a stack of diamonds to a shop, he realized the bug then did not do it again, but then he either told bushy, or bushy found out also, and bushy farmed the rupees with someone's shop. Andy has showed me a screenshot of his rupees history, and he only had one transaction with the diamonds. Bushy on the other hand, I dont know if he actually did this.

    Divnadd has also been banned for griefing andy's res and exploiting his other permissions on andy's res.[/quote]
  17. I did a massive job for someone, was then told they couldn't pay me, then the next day they were perma banned.
  18. Ahh so what your saying is based on the information you have Andy shouldn't be banned, although he probably should have thrown them on a cactus... But bushy deserves what he got?
  19. That's gotta suck :(
  20. Especially because I bought pistons and junk