Has anyone ever notice

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  1. Has anyone ever noticed how in the top 1000 total life time xp that its only supporters? I find this kinda odd
  2. Not sure why...
    *Cough* Endertopia XP farm *Cough*
  3. I'm not sure what you mean...even the #1 ranked player is a regular member, along with #3 and many others down the list. Yes, Gold Supporters and up have Endertopia, but that doesn't mean there's anything stopping regular members from using their own exp farms. The only thing Endertopia has over a community made one is that it isn't a protected "residence", which isn't a problem as long as you keep it well hidden/protected. :)
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  4. Im looking in life ttime not monthly so ya
  5. Zabriel (Who's first in Lifetime TEXP) is a regular member...

  6. Leaderboard.JPG

    The dark blue names are regular players ;)
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  7. I didnt not relize that bujoxbcjdxiibwdhwaolws3# rbfuoeddxjixojorfj nfnn ircuixbubuybfbuitbird deddgxibxibwwhxxobro (facekeyboard)
  8. your the biggest lier in the world the first one isnt even a supporter -_-

    and im number 553 and im not supporter
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  9. Right, because out of everyone ever, in all the world, this guy who made a mistake and now realized it, is the world's biggest lier..... >.<
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  10. yes that is my point

    fyi i dont think he realized it or i might of not read anything but the part that says out of 1000 players on the xp board there all supporters
  11. Hehe u so funny i eat u last
    no no.... just joking :p
  12. fyi, reading the whole thread before insulting someone is a good idea. Also, I was being sarcastic with my first post >.<