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  1. Hello, I need just a little lift of cash for my project and I thought that I should sell obsidian to get the money that I need. So if you need obsidian cheap, this is your place to go :)

    ===== PRICES =====
    1-63 obsidian without shipping = 7.5r per obsidian (rounded down)
    1-63 obsidian + shipping = 8r per obsidian
    64-639 obsidian without shipping = 7r per obsidian
    64-639 obsidian + shipping = 7.5r per obsidian (rounded down)
    640+ obsidian with or without shipping = leave the price blank and PM me the order
    ===== PRICES =====

    I guarantee my price will beat anywhere else, if you can show me proof of a cheap obsidian price elsewhere that is in stock, I will beat that price!*

    Fill out this form and post it below if you would like to order obsidian from me!
    Amount of obsidian wanted (Limit of 15 stacks):
    Price (Just so I know that we're on the same page):
    Deadline (Be reasonable):
    Please be reasonable with the deadline as I am a one-person company so I can't do orders as quick as a company with 5 people, but my price will beat theirs. I have the right to decline any order if I'm busy/too large of an order/I don't agree with the deadline.

    If you would like to place an order for more than 15 stacks, please discuss that with me in a PM rather than on this thread so we can negotiate and all that good stuff but please understand that I am a one-man company so please don't place orders for rediculous amounts :p

    *I have the right to decline a price reduction if I think the price is too low/not legitimate
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  2. how much would 10 obsidian cost?
  3. Please use the form.. And give me a suggested price.
  4. im just wondering how much it costs before i leave an order
  5. I told you to give me a suggested price in the form.. Did you even read the form? There is no set price.
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  6. ok
  7. Name: astrayalien Amount of obsidian wanted (Limit of 10 stacks): 10 stacks Price you are willing to pay: 4000r Deadline (be reasonable): 1 week Shipping: SMP8
  8. Please state which res you would like that dropped off to. Otherwise I will get that order done tomorrow when I'm home :)

    Also I would charge 4500r for that order, if that's okay?
  9. Added prices to the OP and raised the order to 15 stacks :)

    This only affects future orders, the following orders will not be affected by this change as I have already told them there orders are fine:

    Your orders will be ready within the next few days.
  10. Ok, 4500.
    I'm on SMP8 my residence is: astrayalien = 17258
    I'll set up a chest for you, I assume you are: xHaro_Der
  11. Yes :)

    Will get it down hopefully in 1-2 days

    Just got a huge order from Todd_Vinton so it might be 3 days.
  12. No hurry at all
  13. Bump! Current orders:

    astrayalien - Placed, in progress, 1/10 stacks
    porphos - Placed, completed, 10/10 blocks, access chests will be setup after payment
    Todd_Vinton - Placed, in progress, 4/27 stacks

    I've only worked on orders for about 10 minutes today, and sadly I have plans for the majority of today to have a friend come over to stay overnight. I will work my hardest to make significant progress on orders tomorrow :)
  14. I have more of a question as to could you help me with an obsidian project? All I need is some labour... Do you think you can help?...
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  15. Shoot me a PM :)
  16. Okay.
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