Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. 2012-02-14_07.20.37.png

    ♡♡Happy Valentines Day! ♡♡

    Best pic by

    (my) tomorrow morning

    wins 500r!

    * Should be done in minecraft!
    * My tomorrow morning is 24hrs from this post
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  2. Uhhh, well, here in New Zealand it is 8.30 pm on valentines day. I had a quiet day, hope you guys all have a special day with loved ones ;)
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  3. Just like another day for me and my girlfriend except for tonight * Wink Wink * :p lol.
  4. I feel sorry for you bro - only on valentines day.

    Anyways, have fun.

    (Lets not continue this conversation btw :p)
  5. Happy obligation day ;)
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  6. DownloadedFile.jpg I hope I win! P.S. I made it in Single Player with No Cheats, Mods or Creative! Took me about 3 hours and a bit to gather materials as you can see there is obsidian as the outline :) Good luck to everyone else! :)
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  7. Valentine day is canceled
    Mathematical proof : 14-2-12 = 0
    LOL. I'm joking :p
    Credit goes to : "Trust me, I'm an engineer"
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  8. How has no-one posted any pics of using wheat on animals yet... too easy?
  9. as epic as my sig
  10. I agree!
  11. I wants more pictures! ( otherwise I might give the prize to myself :p )

    I wont realy..
  12. If this contest ran for more than a day (perhaps a week, ending today), we could have had some pretty good stuff. Afraid I'm too swamped with school stuff to participate :/

    AMADAI! Contests, for every holiday! gogo!
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  13. My Sig is better sorry :p
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  14. The dancing zebra-person wins. The achieve is a minus though.

    On topic, anyone else build something for Valentine's day? What are people doing for today?
  15. The achievement is one of those "You had to be there moments" XD
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  16. You dont have to build anything - it just has to be a picture taken from minecraft to do with V-day

    A chicken fed wheat looking at a cow would do ;D