Happy Valentine's Day!!

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  1. Right right, I know it's not here just yet but hey, on TV they start advertising for Christmas on August.

    SO! I did this in the wild and now I'm doing it at my res, SMP1 1919 Inside the horse pen, past the ranch house and barn.


    There's cake, free cookies for everyone and a big, red heart burning with passion (LITERALLY) (Not really, it's lava actually) (suggested by a drunk pirate) (LOL)

    2013-02-13_02.16.24.png 2013-02-13_02.16.31.png 2013-02-13_02.17.06.png
    Featuring LadBlo and Hasorko :p

    So if you're in the mood, if you want some sweets to gift to your valentine or if you just enjoy fire and lava walls, come and enjoy!
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  2. Lol, I like it.
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  3. Thish ish sho cool! <hicks>

    bwahahahaha! And now back to conquer the seven seas!
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  4. Mhmm Cookies
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  5. You seem like a cool person. I'll have to come on smp1 and talk with you sometime.
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  6. I have a feeling 72Volt will enjoy the heart.
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  7. Here, only person allowed to drain all cookies that it takes to satiate his eternal hunger for cookies. And because he is not a person, he's aCookieGod.

    All others that spam buy just because itsfree.jpg will be pursued and slayed with the fury of all my cuccos.
  8. Was built thinking of him. Not in a romantic way, just because, you know... lava walls.
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  9. I have a feeling he won't....
  10. I have a feeling he will.
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  11. Yeppies!
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  12. Valentines Day is my birthday! :D
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  13. 2013-02-13_14.38.58.png

    We found a new thing to do with the heart. Swim in lava! Now there's a pink springboard behind it so that you can jump in it, or just block lag up there if you are one of those men who only want to watch the world burn xDD

    Today featuring Santa (callummiskelly) and Steve (andr3w5)
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  14. I just noticed.. 2 more likes till I get 100 likes.. Mhmm

    Everyone like this^^ xD..

    Soo off topic ._.
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  15. Don't ask for likes, nobody will give them if you ask for them, and it is not allowed...
  16. Yayy!! Thanks Tomato! I had only 99 left. :)

    I has new trophy! Thank you <3
  17. Sorry, I just needed 1 more xP
  18. I'm, sorry, took 2 cookies, the first one fell into the lava:oops:

    Maybe it is not allowed, but people WILL give them if you ask for them, me and tomato did