Happy Valentine's Day 2021!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to all of our amazing players!
    Haven't found that special person yet? Fall in love with these shoes instead!

    Type /promo vday2021 to grab your own pair of Sole Mates to celebrate the holiday.
    You can ALSO get them in the EMC Shop for 20,000r for a limited time.

    The Share the Love event is still going on at /v love on SMP8. The chest access is now open for players to grab their items, but people can continue dropping things in throughout the week. My own item to each participant will be delivered on Thursday so make sure to check your chests after then.
  2. Oi! Great way to kick off Valentines Day!

    Have a good day all o/
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  3. Have a happy and safe Valentine's Day!
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  4. Cute, I like it!
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  5. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
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  6. Happy Valentines from SkeleTin007 :love: :<3:

    *Virtual hugs*

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  7. Happy Valentines Day !
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  8. An all new promo! Love it! Thank you:love: :<3:
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  9. Cool promo! Thank You:D
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  10. What a fun event! Thank you for setting it up. đŸ˜€
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  11. What a splendid pun :D Excited to get me a pair... or two...
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  12. or five...
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  13. ...yes....
  14. I feel like promos stay available for much too long these days. I think new promos would be less abundant and more interesting/valuable to people if they only stayed around for a week, maybe only a couple days. New promos like the sole mates are not really that rare at all. I think the events would feel more meaningful, and the promos would have more value/rarity if people actually had to log in on the day of the holiday to claim it. Unlike the promos of the past the sole mates have little appeal to me because they have been available for SO LONG. Its not even February any more but people can still claim/buy them!
  15. We started aiming for 2 weeks or so with the promos for major holidays because some players cannot get on reliably due to vacations and such. I can open a discussion about it at my next community discord meeting (should be this week) and we can discuss there. Only very special items will ever be 'claim within 24 hours or it's gone for good' though.