Happy Ultimate Pi Day!

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  1. To all you people that messaged me about Pi day, bet you didn't think I already had something planned =P

    Type /promo pi to get your own special Pi Pie Today Only!

    Will last throughout March 14, 2015 (3.14.15)

    If you don't know what pi day is, Google is your friend.

    Let's end with some tasty pi!
  2. I approve!!!

    If I remember, I will look for picture taking opportunities tomorrow (today for some people). I am currently visiting Chicago for a Science Teachers conference, and am going to a special Pi day celebration :)
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  3. You should have a special thing that starts on March 14, at 9:26, so it would be 3.14.15 9:26.
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  4. I won't be available then...
    EDIT: Plus this way it is 24 hour promo...
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  5. Aw...
  6. I'm tempted to eat mine. :c
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  7. I don't know what you're going on about. It's the 14/3 here...

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  8. Pretend it's April 31 =P
  9. yay free rupees
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  10. I have a very strong passion towards mathematics. Many students from my experiences don't see math being important and/or useful, but it can actually be extremely powerful, especially with computers today!
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  11. Yay! New promos are always good! :)
  12. Gosh dang it I don't get the Pi because I don't have internet and I'm a promo collector and I'm NOT gonna pay Pi. The one day I don't have internet I miss something. Really!!!!! The struggle is real!!!!
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  13. Thanks for the pie for pi day! I always love learning about something I never knew, thank you, Krysyy!
  14. Happy Pi day everyone.....
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  15. I approve of this tasty pie! I love how they already are buying it! XD'
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  16. I wore might Pi shirt a day early today, and three people called me out for it being the wrong day. Thanks, shoe guy and Chinese buffet lady, you're awesome people for knowing about this.
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  17. Free rupees, only $20 per alt.
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  18. >.> only got 2 alts got them when MC cost $8 :)
  19. #4Altsfor$26each XD
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