Happy Thanksgiving from Empire Minecraft!

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  1. Since EMC is a US based server, we are having a Thanksgiving Promo!

    Be sure to get yourself a Turkey Slicer!

    To get a FREE Turkey Slicer, simply type /promo thanks13 in game, hold shift and select the item!

    You may purchase additional Turkey Slicer's in /shop for 20k rupees.
  2. Awesome!!! First!!!
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  3. Already claimed it! I can't wait to see what else you think of!
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  4. FIRST

    Vegetarian LOL
    Edit: ninja'd
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  5. Perfect Slice Every Time :D
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  6. this was actually a great promo. i was not expecting anything but it turned out to not be just a great promo, but this will be a classic
  7. Next year's promo:
    Mash Potato Beater
  8. AAAAnnd it doesnt work. i shift click, i alt click, i right click, i fn. click, i command click, i do everything again but with right clicking, IT DOESNT WORK.:mad:
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  9. Merry Thanksgiving too!
    EDIT: 8th!!!!
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  10. What, like turn the sword into a club to beat stuff? :p

    Quite a promo…thanks, staff. Have a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and if you don't, have a fantastic day!
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  11. I get no credit for this aikar D:
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  12. Use whatever button you use to crouch and left click on the sword
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  13. Ummm...
    Why can't I go on smp2 to claim it -_-
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  14. yep...
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  15. Happy thanks Giving from Canada :)
  16. What type of sword is it?
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  17. Y'know... maybe it would've been a good idea to announce the whole "bungie" thing first, and the turkey slicer second?
    Ah well. Thanks for the carver. Running out of space on my wall here...
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  18. I got no computer right now :mad: only if you could claim this on minechat...
    How long is this promo available for?
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  19. Please, no
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  20. I'm vegetarian. What do I do?
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