Happy New Years

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  1. I would from the bottom of my tiny, shrunken heart would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, what are your resolutions? Anyone watching the ball drop?
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  2. My resolution is to play more on EMC and become a SOMEBODY, cause I'm sick and tired of being a nobody.
  3. I am in 2013! 00:23
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  4. Argentinians
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  5. The ball isnt anything super specal. If you what the firework in HongKong or places like that, that its cool.
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  6. I have to agree.
  7. Nobody is perfect
    I am nobody
    Therefore I am perfect
  8. Dick Clark was my favorite part he made the night.

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  9. How did u know?
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  10. .........I clicked on your face and it told me..........
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  11. Very proud o my country not of its goverment!
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  12. yaaaa mines not that much better. You heard of the fiscal cliff? Im jumping off it in 57 minutes
  13. Of usa? Best country Ever! In usa te goverment dont rob, here the 75% of the taxes are robbed!
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  14. Did you not hear me say fiscal cliff. Our taxes are gona go up. At least for some of us! But it will only fund the government for like 8 days....... YAY
  15. W
    Week You have a Great history with honest presidents, not as here
  16. Resolution... Like a EMC resolution? That seems like what people are doing so...
    1. To multiply my money by 10... It would be 3 but I just spent a lot so more.
    2. To become more well-known
    3. To start my speciality shop. Wood, stone, farming, and book enchants.
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  17. I camt stop here about this fiscal cliff! :p Oh well, Happy 2013!