Happy National Day

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  1. It is National Day in China where I live.

    I'm an Aussie, but I live in China.
  2. Me: Congrats, I don't know much about Chinese culture but it sounds cool :).
    Muricans: Go home China, this is Murica. Go eat dumplins because the world revolves round us! We don't have to make sense because in murica thinking is not good. BACON!!!
  3. Ay i'm Chinese toooooooooooooo and it dat why Murica is under so much debt X_X
    Edit: To us!!!!
  4. I'm not Chinese, I just live and work there. Yes USA will collapse with debt soon.
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  5. Sorry. :p
    Great, now I'm hungry…:rolleyes:

    So what kind of celebrations happens on National Day?
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  6. I guess some fireworks later. People travel home for a few days. I avoid travel at this time, it is crazy.
  7. I am surprised you didn't highlight bacon
  8. Seems like there's always a traffic jam in China though…at least, when I was there. Or is the traffic worse?

    Nah, I was just fixing your spelling. :p
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  9. Traffic is ok in my city. It is small - about 5 million people. But in holidays, buses and trains fill up. Very crazy, there can even be deaths.
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  10. Small... 5 million people... Not even Sydney has that... I think. :p
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  11. Ha. It's ironic that the United States National government temporarily shuts down on the Chinese National day XD

    (Also, in response to previous posts, not as much of the US's debt is to China as people seem to think)
  12. yeah, a lot of the debt is to the Federal Reserve - a private bank owned by rich bankers from various countries.
  13. Or should I say banksters?
  14. I. um... I might live in the UK or US so...
    anyways, celebrate your way and have fun! Happy China Day! :D
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