Happy Halloween From EMC!

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  1. Hello Empire!

    We want to wish you all a safe and happy Halloween! For those of you not out partying and decide to spend Halloween with us here at EMC, we have a few special surprises for you!

    Halloween Promo Item
    • Using '/promo Halloween' in the game will grant you one Haunted Head. It comes with a special ability to dispense to yourself one special piece of Haunted Candy a new and exclusive EMC item!

    • You may purchase more of these from /shop for 25,000 rupees! They will all have separate use timers.
    New Item
    • Haunted Candy is a new item that when eaten, will help fix your hunger and give you a very quick boost to your health.
    • Aside from the Haunted Heads giving you these items, during our Halloween event, which will last until Monday, November 4th, 2013, mobs have a chance to drop the special Candy for you to pick up!
    Other Updates
    • Mojang has added more heads from hostile monsters AND animals. These heads will have the appearance of a default player icon in your inventory, but when placed will have the animal/monster appearance. The heads will follow the similar drop rate of all other heads.
    • There were some reports of the Marlix not dropping items as they should be. We looked into this and it should be fixed.
    • New redstone flag has been added, and comparators and repeaters now require it for changing their settings.
    • Noteblocks now require build instead of use to change note.
    • The weird stacking issue on custom items should be fixed.
    Thank you everyone and have a safe/happy Halloween!

    At this time, we're going to ask that new Halloween items do not go up for auction on the site until we make an official post on the correct denominations for them. Thanks for your understanding.
  2. First! Awesome update Cowmaster!
  3. Can't wait to try out the new items. Thanks for yet another great promo. :)
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  4. YUS (3rd)
  5. Sweet! Sounds awesome! Ill be buying these haunted heads for 1000r at 3999 on smp2 if anyone wants to sell them to me!
  6. AWESOME! Thanks ICC and staff
  7. Awesome! (6th)
  8. I'll buy them for 1001r >: D just PM me
  9. awesome update :O
  10. :( I was hoping for some undead horses!
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  11. erm... Due to the fact I used the head to test it before creating the promo last night, it will take 3 hours before the head is usable... in the mean time, kill some monsters to get one!

    After 3 hours, anyone who claims it will immed work. just a hard set date of 10PM EST
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  12. Amazing! :D (13th)
    Also, what item is the haunted head?
  13. Awesome :p maybe add to /shop
  14. is this sold in shop?
  15. Awesome! :D Got mine already!
  16. All kinds of mobs or only the hostile mobs will drop the candys?