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  1. Here's a poem I just wrote, especially for this occasion. Hope you will all like it! :D

    It was a cold, dark and eerie Halloween night on EMC,
    No human chatter or laughter to be heard on any SMP.
    While Momentuses, Marlixes and Zombies were on the rise,
    Human screams could only be heard, as they met their demise.
  2. Well written...Happy Halloween :)
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  3. Agree with the weeh! Happy Halloween
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  4. Merry christmas to you too!

  5. I'm sure you can hear my robotic laughter in there.

    I'm surprised no human chatter on smp8 oh wait... I've said too much *Hides in cove*
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  6. Very well written, nice! c:

    Happy Halloween :p
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  7. Nice a day early but nice. Happy halloween
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  8. Happy Halloween!
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  9. A wonderful poem Misty :p

    Happy Halloween!
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