[Happy Fun Time with Saj] Make a dubstep song with text

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  1. Rules:
    Don't plagiarize. Example - Wub wub wub You: Wub wub wub
    Follow all EMC Commandments, Rules, Laws, Sub-laws, Subways, Subway sandwiches, terms, conditions, shampoo, and the secret contract you auto-signed when you signed up for EMC of course.
    Have fun (EMC Commandment 10) and enjoy yourself.

    Let there be WUB!

    My Song:
    Wub wub wubity wub squawk squeak bom dun dun zztrt lrgh dub dub dun wub wub wubity wub bun dun pshtt glztt hisnt wub wubity anewzzargh lanwubguawubagewub dun wub zeep wub dun

    Apply this to your essay and I shall guarantee that you will receive a C for trying.

    Have a nice day!

    *Subway, Skrillex, dubstep, essays, and weird noises are not currently sponsoring IamSaj* *Additionally, no secret contract was ever made when you signed up* *Also, this is gray but you will probably read this anyway, this is a happy fun time troll thread, please treat it like one*
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  2. ...

    Sometimes words are not needed.
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  3. Good job
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  4. I get an A+! :D
  5. *for trying :3 :)
  6. 128 BPM
    *kick drum/snare two beat. High hat 16th notes*
    *Wobble bass. Wobble at low E at a steady 8th note rhythm*
    *kick drop accelerate to a 32nd note rhythm, then drop*
    *piercing high synth; High A. Hold for 4 beats*
    *Wobble bass, low E to low A, low A to low E and so forth for 4 measures*
    *piercing synth again*
    *snare fill, 16th notes, 4 counts*
    *crash cymbal at every 2nd and 4th beat*
    *wobble bass "melody" and synth melody swap in and out for 16 measures*
    *kick drum up to a second bass drop, but no bass*
    *crash cymbal; echo effect*
    Done. :D
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  7. For a second there, I thought you were AlexChance..
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  8. not really dubstep.. but was fun to make when i saw this thread.

    Phn - (pronounced Fun)
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  9. Cool! I like the beat
  10. Crash!
    (slightly derpish voice: )"Oops, I dropped the base again."
    BWOW-W zeebidibi wun, wun, wun
    BWAAAA, zeebidibi vbbbbb-r vbbbb-r
    BROOOOOOOAR ee-ee-ee-ee schwop-schwop ee-ee-ee-ee "I'm so so- I-I-I'm so sorry"
    BWOW-W wubidubi wun wun wubidubi woh er oh er woh oh er oooooh
    SKAAAAW ping ping dow-ping dow ping dow wah
    "Awe, it's all over the floor."
    grrr...rrrr...RRRRRRRRRR...RRRRRR!!! "all my fault, all-all-all my fault now"
    shing shong flippy floppy ding bo bwib bwob
    Crash, then silence...
    "Ah, I'll just buy another one."
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  12. Dy no Wub Wub Bong Bonk Blurg da se re Ty tu djshshhshhshdhhdndejajjsinsnicdicbslj bskxons
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  13. Cool song bro
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  14. i think i danced a little too much while it was playing :confused:
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  15. Define TOO much.