Happy Brithday to me! =)

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  1. Happy Birthday ~ Qwerty189
    19 minutes
    26 seconds
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  2. Less than 10 minutes!
  3. For celebration, I will have a drop party at 1134, in 2 minutes! be there!
  4. Happy birthday qwerty!
  5. Happy "brithday!";)
  6. Hey, happy birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday :D Hope you have a good day :)
  8. Thank you everyone :)
    It has been amazing :)
  9. I was going to use the Spongebob version of this, but I'm going to try my luck today.

    (It's still a funny song so give it a try regardless)
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  10. Objection!!!.gif
    Please give a Testimony on why it's still funny.
  11. Happy late birthday! :)

  12. SparerToaster: Well you see, that video is a PMV... that would stand for, uh, Pony Music Video, of a The Happy Happy Birthday song.
    SparerToaster: The song is quite funny to be honest, very cynical.
    SparerToaster: Now normally, I would link the Spongebob version of it, but you might have noticed Qwerty's avatar.
    SparerToaster: So wanting to have tested my luck, I linked the same song under a different skin. And I still wanted him to watch it so I added that disclaimer.
    SparerToaster: Does that satisfy you?

    EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to throw this in...
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  13. Happy bday . I was my brother's bday today too. (Not ltastro, my little brother who doesnt play minecraft :()
  14. What the heck, It's my birthday. I'll let you live.
  15. Happy Birthday!!!
  16. As reconciliation, I will throw this in.
  17. That's pushing it too far.