Happy Birthday to Me and Ender!

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  1. A year ago, I got Ender (My account) before my birthday. Its amazing how time flies by so fast. I thought I just got Ender. Since my 1.5 year giveaway literally destroyed my promo collection :p, I decided to host a small giveaway for fun.

    The winner of this giveaway will get my head. Head Collectors, Mob Destroyers, and everyone else, can get my special ender-skeleton head. The giveaway will end on July 9th. How to enter? Well, say happy b-day to both of us, and post something random. Meme, random dogs, food, something like that. ;) Winner will be chosen by randomness and luck. :p

    Good Luck! :D CLOSED
  2. Happy birthday!
    What would you do if I threw a balloon at you?

  3. You asked for random, so I went random.
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  5. happy birthday

  6. Happy Empire birthday!

    Please don't include me in the prize draw, I really don' t care that much about in-game heads at all so there are really much more deserving players here.

    But I still wanted to wish you a happy anniversary and to thank you for doing something back in return :)
  7. Happy Birthday to you and your account!

    The weird thing is I have that plush :p
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    Here's a pic of my dog. :D
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  9. Happy Birthday!!!!
  10. Happy b-day! (Don't enter me in I already got one of your heads :p)

    Now to make that EnderMagic1 monst... wait you never saw this.
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  11. I probably wouldn't enter you after that firefloor incident.. *Cough you and Foxy Cough* jk :p
  12. last minute bump!
  13. xD
  14. I think i failed with the image, but Happy birthday to Both of u
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  15. And The Winner Is....


    Thanks for entering everyone, and Have a good day! :D
    (Mailing tomorrow)

  16. I know it's late but happy birthday anyway!
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  17. This is random but no one will guess my skin except TBird and IceMatserAryum