Happy 4th of july

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  1. I know not everyone is American. But to those who are, Happy 4th :)

    In the spirit of our freedom, i am going to give away a random set of enchanted items. Not sure what yet, but prolly around 6-8 diff types if tools/weapons.

    How do you get them? You have to respond to this thread with anything you like. Anyone on the next teo pages will e entered into the drawing. You can not post more then once or your name will be taken out and i will move to the next name. I will release the winner either tonight (or if im too drunk tomorrow).

    Everybody be safe and enjoy the holiday.

    Light some big fireworks and celebrate what our founders fought for.

    And one last thing. To qualify your post must have red-white and blue in it.

  2. Being british I find this offensive.

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  3. A happy Tomato 4th of July to all! I will be blowing up some tomatoes I mean POTATOES tonight!
  4. Indipendence day is best day of the year (except for my birthday and Christmas though :p)
    We are having fun all, and being with you friends or family!

    Although I do not live in America, I have celebrate it one time, and it was fun, the BEST day of the holiday!

    For the win!

    All those firework!

    I love it!
  5. I'm not doing for the foruth, my parents have to work.
  6. what did you founders fight for?
  7. Freedom
  8. well, as some of you might know, today is my birthday, and i'd like to thank everyone who is going to my party a big computer high-five! *slaps monitor*

    i will also sing "the star-spangled banner"

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  9. Happy birthday!
  10. in what year and who fought who? is this about the 1860s ?
    edit: i guess it isnt
  11. Sadly fireworks were banned where i live so no fireworks for me :(
  12. Wneh and where is this? Am I late?
  13. Hi:) I am not American but my cousins are so I just love the 4th of July! But my cousins are in the U.S right now sadly:( Ok, however... Happy 4th of July everyone! Now I'm gonna eat some steak, baked potato and some other things;)
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  14. I put fire crackers in the bomb bay of my RC plane.

    I will dine in my room grounded tonight :)
  15. U.S.A.! I'm not American but happy 4th to all Americans! :)

    The American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) was a war between Kingdom of Great Britain and the new United States of America. (Wikipedia) :D
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  16. :( No Firecrackers where I live... Firework usage is postponed till a later date because it is so dry... Now to enjoy another hot 100+ day in Kansas!!!

    Independence day is about the writing of the Declaration of Independence- No offense if you live in Great Britain.
  17. happy 4th :) cant wait for fireworks tonight :D - no ban where i live -
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  18. thanks Scipio :)
  19. your welcome ;)
  20. Happy 4th of July.

    Today, I will celebrate by baking a cake.
    That cake will be filled with fireworks.
    I will then proceed to blow it up.
    And then eat the cake.
    Because you cannot and I will not ever waste cake.
    The End