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  1. Anyone getting sad lately besides me? :(
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  2. Bit sad and angry
  3. I don't remember being sad never in my life.
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  4. I used to live like that. It got to a point that I feel nothing.
  5. im mainly angry, some players have to ruin others experience on EMC
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  6. A bit sad, I was thinking too much again...
    At least a friend of mine tried to explain what a brony was and missed completely, that gave me enough happy to counter most of the sad.
    That sounds, unhealthy.
  7. I said I don't remember. :p I'm not saying I would have feel a little bit sad a few weeks ago. but I feel a lot better with my yellow text and I don't want to remember sad things.
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  8. I am getting more tired as of lately, but that is irrelevant and medically related. I wish I could find a way to change the title of this thread to [Happiness]
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  9. jirayasmiling.jpeg agreed
  10. im scared my friend is helping me to get ready to ask out this girl and i asked him this if i asked here out and she said no wouldent the world blow up.
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  11. I have a very strong "live and let live" attitude towards most things in my life. It helps for not feeling sad. The only times I really feel bad is when I pig out on potato chips, but that's more a physiological kind of bad than it is mental, though it does affect my mood negatively.
  12. I am sad all the time, but that is just how life is.
    Edit: I have my signature for a reason.
  13. Im to the point to where I don't let myself be sad anymore, why put yourself down and let others put you down just let things slide past you someone makes fun of you laugh at it so they'll stop, don't be down live your life because before you know it, it's over.
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  14. sad, but for a really stupid and dumb reason.
  15. I have decided that it's better to be happy always, no matter what. Even if you are in a hard moment, always look at the bright side of life.
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  16. As I said before, I don't get sad.
    I control all reality surrounding me.