Handsome Jack's guide to Redstone

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  1. Hello, people. Now I’m sure you all know quite a bit about minecraft but I think if you read everything, you’ll learn something. This guide is going to include some things about basic contraptions, all the way to certain switches. Now lets start!

    Oh, but I am a liar, first a little introduction to why I’m reliable. I’ve played minecraft since beta 1.8 on another account, but after so many issues I had with other servers (most not my fault) I just wanted a new face, or username…

    Also, no this is not an attempt to gain likes or anything like that, once again I digress I am simply out to make a name for myself here in the empire.

    I’d like to thank BunchOfBadgers for showing a new player really can make a guide and help people out here, I know about redstone, so this is my way!

    Also I'd like to add: I'll be doing all kinds of guides, I made a big general minecraft but realized it was getting to be too much, so I just snipped the redstone section and added on to make this

    First off, lets talk about redstone dust. It’s found as redstone ore at levels 16-0 on the y axis, if you don’t know what this is, redstone appears around the same levels as diamonds.
    In order to get the redstone dust (which is essential to make anything with redstone) you’ll have to hit this redstone ore until it breaks, and it will drop around 5 dust.

    Once you have redstone dust, you’ve got the basic component of any machine, you'll find the recipes to make the other components here

    Lets start with a basic machine… how about, a pulsing switch! A pulsing switch is something that, once you get it going, it will continue to power the redstone as fast as you allow it, lets let the pictures explain.

    At the point where the redstone moves right, the redstone splits off, going two directions. One direction, going towards the repeater again, continues to power the redstone repeaters, it will go through again, and go all the way through again where it will split off, going towards the repeater again, and off towards the dust going right. You can attach anything you want at the line of dust to the right, a piston, a note block, or even a pig (though that won’t do anything!) This effectively gives you infinite power, lets have another picture to show how this could practically be used.
    Not much different, is it? You don’t have to know much about it, but basically in the picture above, once you have the whole machine set up, that piston will receive power every 2 seconds, which means the piston will activate every two seconds. If you want it the time to increase between piston activations, simply right click the repeaters, they will take longer to process the power, and thus make the machine take longer. If you want to make it take even longer, simply add more repeaters, like this!
    As long as the repeaters are facing a way where they continue to power each other, you can use as many repeaters as you wish! In order to start this machine, simply place a redstone torch next to the dust and break it IMMEDIATELY! Like, within half a second.

    Now that you know how to make a pulsing redstone machine, let me explain something you guys may or may not know about how redstone wires work.
    See that? One power source can split the dust as much as you need. Redstone wires can split as much as you need, so you can use a clock like how I just explained, and hook it up to multiple wires, to get something like this!
    All of them activate at once.

    Now, for the final little bit of info. See this?
    If you power the opposite side of a block, with a redstone torch on the other side, it turns off! This can be used to make doors, like in these examples!

    Now that you know how to make a basic clock (pulsing redstone) how redstone can split, and how to Unpower (not a word) something, let me give you some examples of how even YOU can use redstone to your advantage in everyday Minecraft!

    Automated farms:
    First, lets see the final product, then I’ll show you the redstone behind it!

    See, what happens is when those pistons detract, the water can pass by them and hit the seeds, which would be wheat if my name was Patient_Jack0.

    What we need to do, is unpower (still not a word) those pistons, and let the water flow through.

    That’s what’s keeping those pistons powered, and we need to stop the power. If you remember from the 3rd redstone tip, to turn off a redstone torch, simply power it from the other side of the block!

    Note that the redstone torch in the previous picture can be a lever, button, anything you want to add power to the redstone below.

    That’s how you can use our 3rd technique.

    Now, a simple way to use our 1st method (clocks!)

    Cobblestone generators! It’s so simple, lava touches water, turns into cobblestone, piston pushes it, and makes room, more cobblestone forms!

    Thanks for reading this huge little guide, and if it helped, leave a comment! If it didn’t, tell me what you didn’t learn and I can probably help!
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  2. Do bud switches.
  3. T flip flops anywhere? xD However, this does get the basics done. Nice work!
  4. for the clock u can have a minecart going around in circles. thats what i have in my casino for the clock games.
  5. Last time I checked T flip flops were a bug and got fixed - the same is going to happen to BUD switches soon.

    Nice job on this, but 1.5 will mess this guide up :p
  6. Mojang's known to delay, lets account for 1.9 :p
  7. Still works in my sp world.
  8. You should add a bit more on the properties of repeaters and pistons, but other than that, great guide!