Hamster Trading Promos for Supporter Vouchers

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  1. I am in need of quite a few supporter vouchers (iron preferred). I have got the following items up for trade for them:

    • 1 Orebuster
    • 1 Damaged Orebuster (1307/1561)
    • 1 Holiday Pick
    • 1 Everlasting Axestopper
    • 1 Turfinator
    • 1 Turkey Slicer
    • 3 iDay 2013 Fireworks
    • 2 iDay 2013 Empire Fireworks
    • 1 iDay 2013 New Years Empire Firework
    • 1 Haunted Head
    • 5 Lucky Bows
    • 1 Cupid's Bow
    • 4 Maxarian Heads
    • Unlimited JackBiggin heads
    PM me on this account or post here if you are willing to trade and have an offer. The trade will be done via /mail to this account, and you will go first. All successful transactions will include a free Electric_Hamster head.

    Please DO NOT PM this account for any other reason. My PMs are off for a reason.
  2. an ore buster for a gold voucher?
  3. I'd value gold vouchers at 70kish, and Orebusters at around 100k - but if a better offer doesn't come in, I guess that could be doable. :)
  4. if not I'll take the used one?
  5. 2 iron vouchers for a buster?
  6. OP updated - I got a very good offer. :)
  7. Unlimited JackBiggin heads? Does that mean I could ask for a full DC or something?
  8. If you had enough vouchers. :p
  9. ...how many vouchers?
  10. Lots.
  11. ?
  12. Used one was sold in the offer I received, sorry.