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  1. Living in suburbia has it's fine parts. But it also has some not so nice fine parts. This evening, my (twin) sisters sbeezle and ebeezle walked into their bedroom. My entire family is allergic to wasp stings. Now I bet you know what is coming.

    There was not only one wasp.
    Not two.
    Not three.
    Not eight.
    There are currently 10 anywhere from 50 to 3,000 giant wasps hornets similar to this one flying around my sisters' room.

    There is no way we are going to catch them. My bedroom happens to be about 12 feet away from their door. So I am a little creeped out.

    My sisters are already asleep on the couch and love seat downstairs, while I wait in my room like a zombie apocalypse refugee, until the morning. Any suggestions about how to get rid of them? (Please no outdoor spray chemicals).
  2. I Hate Wasps :/ I Wish You And Your Sister All The Luck!
  3. There are wasp traps that you can get at Wal-Mart in the lawn and garden area. They use a sweet bait to get them in. Might want to look for a wiki how or Instructables about how to make a homemade one.
  4. Okay, so it is not a wasp. It is a European hornet. And there is a giant nest inside the wall. They chewed through the drywall. Any suggestions?

    Edit: Just spoke to my dad and he said some exterminator (hehe) is coming out here to get rid of the next this afternoon.
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  5. That's the best way to do it with dealing with Hornets in your case because immediate danger you are in. Nasty Buggers

    I had deal with ground nest couple months ago in my back pasture But I went the homemade version because I'm cheapskate and they weren't near my house. This is what I did
    1. Got 4 empty water bottles
    2. cut the tops off about inch down to make a funnel
    3. Pour some Honey, Syrup, Sugar cubes and Coors Light in the bottle
    4. Fill it 1/4 full
    5. Poke two hole near top of the bottle to put string through it so you can hang it.
    6. Get the top part of the bottle, Flip is to make funnel then Tape it or staple it to seal the sides
    7. Find something you can place in the ground to hang the bottles because they must be in the air
    8. Locate the nest and make sure the bottles are at 25 yards or closer to have full effect.
    9. Wait couple of days or a week to check on it

    That process should kill 60% of them but your aiming to kill the queen hornet.
    When I did it took me about a month to get rid of them.
    Also I won't recommend this method because you might get swarmed like I did time to time.
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