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Did this ever happened to you?

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  1. Sometimes every person in EMC gets bored and the only thing he do is jump all the way around his or her res to think of something great to do something artistic, or sometimes because his or her MCBF (minecraft best friends) arent connected and you are just waiting for something to happen, something fun, Well thats me now and constantly :oops:, i am just there thinking what to do next. Need some ideas of nonboringness stuff, plz :).

  2. i got one! pay me all the money u got!! lol
  3. Grow some trees and then chop them down. That's what I do while I'm trying to think of something else to do.
  4. Thats a very productive approach, i tend to jump from chest to chest like a parkour at someones shop until i get inspired. :p
  5. Yah, either do what marg said or mine cobble or obsidian from a generator. Do something productive whilst you think. Always works for me and the products help me with my ideas!
  6. I just find a epic view from somewhere on my res and just stare at something.
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  7. I like to run around town and block glitch and walk into/around people's reses.
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  8. :O i am not the only one xD
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  9. hmmm obsidian generator need to get one of those :)
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  10. ^^ Thats what I do, except in my own storage room.
  11. I usually do things I don't have time to do when I'm playing with friends, like harvest, dig, or build. I've started a couple of special projects and haven't had much time to work on them lately, but I know they are there waiting for when I need something to work on.
  12. Also, I've joined three wild communities!
  13. I've been doing exactly that for around 2 hours LOL, I thought I was the only crazy guy walking and jumping in circles aimlessly for no apparent reason.

    Yay I'm not crazy! (?)
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  14. do you like tekkit? or ever heard of it? PM me if interested ;)
  15. yep :p many people said I am crazy :),
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