[HALP] Apple iPod 5 won't charge {Closed}

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by JParsonsX, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. Alright, here's the scoop =P

    My iPod from apple, the 5th generation, won't charge at all. I've tried cleaning it, replacing the cable/outlet, and attaching the cable to my computer. It still won't charge! I don't think it is broken because every app works, it is operating properly, the touch screen senses my fingers.

    Do you have any suggestions? Please help me!

    If I need to, I'll add in a prize for whoever can fix it first ;)
  2. Have you tried a different cord? My Iphone4 would charge and all I had to do was change the cord.
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  3. I can try again... thanks
  4. Adding on too Shalom, is the cord you were using frayed or bent? That could do it. Do you leave it on overnight? over charging is also bad for an iPhone or iPod.
  5. Apple has messed up there products a lot lately...
    I was trying to charge my Mac when its at 8% and it fails 64% of the time
  6. Well, if it won't charge and it isn't the cable's fault, I don't expect this to be fixable.
  7. Did you get it wet?
  8. Idk if there is a difference, but I just went out and bought an iPhone 6 charger and it worked on my iPod 5. That was weird but I'm happy it got fixed.....thread closed now? Thanks
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  9. PM a staff member for closing threads
  10. Closed upon request of host.
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