Haloween candy.

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  1. So this thread is to post how much candy you get/got for Halloween. Here's my picture:
  2. Snapshot_20121101_2.JPG i didnt go, made brownies instead. who needs candy :D i think my sister stabbed them -.-
  3. They look good.
  4. they were very good.
  5. How about nothing? :p
    They look nice! Good work :)
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  6. I remember the last time I went trick or Treating which was when I was like 10 on 5th grade. I had around 6-7 plastic groceries bag filled till top.
    I remember I went to school the next day with the candy and sold like 4 bags and earned around $30 from that candy. (I didn't finished selling cause I got sent to the director.Not allowed to sell things)
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  7. oops i guess i kinda left that out

    Thats a lot
  8. I didnt go out. I got none. :(
  9. Haven't gotten any yet but will more than likely go buy some now that it's all on sale :rolleyes:
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  10. 5.25 Pounds FTW! :D
  11. I hurt my ankle on a trampoline. :(
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  12. So sorry
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  13. Ah. Good times. Worse than the fright I got when iLikeMuffins11 pushed me completely out. I just barely hung on.
  14. A small bag of maltesers, 4 lollipops, a small bar of chocolate, and popcorn...Oh, and my next door neighbour gave me juice.
    I can't get a picture :p My whole street is full of old people, and so is the street behind it. The street behind that is full of kids,which means alot of sweets and chocolate, but i'm not allowed there at night.
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  15. Oh man that really sucks.
  16. I didnt get to go anywhere because the diff broke on the car in the middle of nowhere!!! = no candy
  17. Is that a type of candy?
  18. But we had 2 trick or treaters and alot of candy, so I share that with my brother and sister :p
  19. I decided not to go as it was raining so much that the street was about 10cm in water.
  20. i NEEEEED the banana laffy taffy! now! gimmie! i want i want :( pleeeease!

    i see that gray text!