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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by LittleJimSlade, Feb 11, 2014.

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  2. Ranks
    Halo reach : General grade 4
    Halo 4: Sr39
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  3. nice, i dont have reach yet (im going to get it soon) but im sr32 or somthing on halo4, i started multiplayer about 2 weeks ago
  4. I play Halo 4 frequently, and it is amazing. At SR 126, I love multiplayer, and there are still strategies and other things I have yet to figure out!

    With regards to Halo 5 (the actual name escapes me…), I'm not sure I like it all too much to be honest. It seems as if you're stuck in an omniscent view, which is unlike previous versions…
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  5. i used to play halo reach and heres my accounts levels:

    "Grodewald159" was a Hero
    "Noob C4K3S" was a Field Marshall
    "Bro Im Infinite" was a Hero
    "GameKrib Bro" was (i forget xD )

    ya idk y i made so many accounts xD but yea, search the stats, i had great K/D ratios :D

    EDIT: I used to also play Halo 4, but i thought that game was terrible and sold it after about 2 weeks (that was when Black Ops 2 came out ) i was level 70 i think online
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  6. ........
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  7. a job? :U random xD
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  8. anyway, if anyone want to play halo 4 with me (i might be getting BOII soon) send LittleJimSlade an invite, thats me
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  9. i would but i sold ma xbox xD
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  10. thats only a minor detail lol
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  11. So uh, I played halo, got my butt kicked, so I played minecraft ;)
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  12. lol, i got halo 2 for my birthday from a friend (at that point i only have the original xbox) so him and everyone else who wanted to play halo said theyd kick my butt... i beat them so hard they turned it into a 3v1, i still won >_<
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  13. I don't have my xbox live hooked up yet, so i just play single player for now. I am very obsessed atm.
  14. I used to play Halo 3 and Halo Wars. Good times - but I have moved on since then - and that was a long time ago. I almost forgot I used to play Halo Reach too. :p
  15. I think I'm a brigadier grade 2 in halo reach, I usually played swat and kicked butt doing it. I fiat got into it when I used to play a lot with my cousin in Halo 3 team doubles back when I sucked. Then I eventually got myself an xbox and halo 3 and now I'm pretty darn good at halo.

    I really only got Halo 4 for the story, I mean, who didn't want to know what happened to Master Chief? The multiplayer is pretty much barren, which is a kinda depressing thought considering how popular Halo used to be. I'm not really that interested in Halo 5, because the series is starting to follow a trend that CoD has created, it's only going to be on xbox one, something that I don't plan on getting for a while, and imo I think it's kinda dead. Not even 30k people play 4's matchmaking
  16. yall arent even old enough to have been alive for original blood gulch which i am master of
  17. what system is blood gulch on bite?
  18. my dad has the original halo on pc, i remember watching him play it as a kid. :D