Halloween Promo

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Good Idea?

Yuh 8 vote(s) 61.5%
Nu 4 vote(s) 30.8%
Who's JustinGuy? 1 vote(s) 7.7%

    Jk, for Halloween people are requesting pumpkins and hoes and axes but how about something different? Something like a head? A JustinGuy head. His head would sell for about 10,000 rupees and it is available for 1 day and 1 day only.

    Feel free to leave your ideas, concerns, hatred and love notes for me.
  2. I think his should be for something more special.
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  3. I personally think that we need a promo rest
  4. I agree but this is just in case there is one.
  5. I think everyone should change their profile pics to halloweeny versions :D
  6. That might not work out for us MLP people...
    There are some..... disturbing images out there that people might use
  7. :D
  8. if you edit mine, sure
  9. I think we should wait till xmas/new year for the next promo :)
  10. Or maybe a small Promo like the ICC birthday vouchers? Something like that with a maze and have promo pumpkins in them.
  11. An enchanted pumpkin you put on your head with respiration V
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  12. Uhh, ur a dark superlord...

    u realize that, right?

    just crop out the fuzzy animals for the rest of the month XP

    Shady manatee says: #Criminal, already in costume

    (I'm that creepy guy down the block. Yeah, you know me; I'm the one with the black van, the one with the "Free Candy" sign duct-taped to the back. Remember that news article a few weeks ago about the armed robbery, remember how the bank at the end of Main Street shut down? That was me. And the stone cube missing from your house's foundation? That was also me; yes, I griefed your house... In real life...) Deal with it
  13. but I only have two versions of it, one with 2 fuzzy animals, and one with 1 fuzzy animal. Also, Dont have photoshop and am bad at it >:U
  14. Back on topic please?
  15. i like the idea, some kinda of spooky armor or somthing maybe?

  16. Shady manatee says: I put my figurative sweat and blood into that...

    EDIT: sorry, i didnt refresh the page so i didnt see the "back on topic" post :(
  17. not bad.......
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  18. *Chanting* Put it on, Put it on!
  19. Why don't we each get a special piece of a Colored title dyed leather armor. So like when you get the promo you have lets say the Chestplate but someone else can get the Boots. Maybe they can have special enchants to?