Hall O' Sigs (signed books)

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  1. Hello EMC, I've gotten obsessed with signed books and have decided to make a whole hall of them, signed by the people. So far I have only about 20 books, and i would like at least 100... But it would be awesome if we could go even higher than that! There is a hopper at my mall on SMP2, 3946 that you can drop a book in. You can either supply your own book or you can ask me for one on this thread. If you ask for me to supply the book, I will set up access chests outside of the mall. Just follow the arrows to the chests and ONLY TAKE ONE BOOK AND QUILL!! Please keep the content appropriate as little children might see this. The overall point of this project is that anyone can come by and read the signed books. If you wish to read one of the books please contact me in-game and I will give you the book. When you are finished reading the book, return it to me or put it in the hopper at my mall. When this project os finished, I will set up a tp to the room so you can look around for the book you want to read.

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  2. I'll try to get a book. :)
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  3. I'll see if I can contribute something worth reading, if you don't have something of mine up there already ;)
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  4. Great! I've heard your books are really cool Kephras ;)
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  5. Book added :D
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  6. Could I have a book please?
  7. What to put in the book? Also, I don't have a book and quill and searched high and low to find one, but still don't have one.
  8. you can put anything in the book as long as its appropriate, and i can set up a chest for you at my mall :)