Hai tharr!

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  1. Hello there, I found this server in one big list and got interested mainly because of the "run by adults" xD But then I read the Empire Guide, found it great, did the test, it was fun and original, and finally saw how tidy the Town was and fell in love.

    My only issue is the lag, but probably most of it is on my end so well, I'll have to cope with it.

    People is very nice and helpful and the residence, shop and worlds system is great. So yeah, I think I'll be around quite a bit :p

    Nice to meet you!
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  2. Welcome to the empire! If you're having lag issues try getting optifine.
  3. Hey, welcome to the Empire! :D Great to hear you're enjoying yourself here so far. You shouldn't be getting much/any server side lag after Aikar went and made everything super optimized, so "hopefully" it's on your end. :)

    What server have you joined?
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  4. Speaking of aikar, he's might be releasing some economy plugins, which is is why everyone refers to aikar as "economy ruiner"...
  5. Welcome!
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  6. Thanks a lot ^_^ I'm in SMP9 which by the way seems to be experimenting some troubles right now (it says something about not being in the whitelist, weird) but it's ok so that I can spend this time getting to know the forums.
  7. Yeah, SMP9 is having some technical problems right now. Hopefully it wont take too much longer to fix. :)

    There's more info here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/servers-3-4-open-smp-9-down.18805/
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  9. If you getting bad lag problems, then Optifine probably wont fix it.
    People always get lag and bad framerate mixed up.
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  10. <3 welcome to the best place in the entire world of minecraft lands. you'll never find another place greater, no joke!
  11. Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
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  12. New faces are always great!
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  13. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you have fun! :)
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  14. Welcome to the Empire, We don't have Darth Vader but we do have Icecreamcow :D
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  15. I like to think that ICC is the Emperor and Aikar is Darth Vader.
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