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  1. There's a Momentus at smp2 wastelands! just go center and then head north until you get to a desert.
    We require assistance!
  2. By the way, I'm trying to kill him using my bare hands
  4. Party's over
  5. its gone
    (i killed it with wooden sword)
  6. ...
  7. You're a hero and you know it
  8. I turned up and was told I was not welcome.:(
    Pity I wasted 6 shiny arrows with my Marlix Bow first and could only stand back and watch.
  9. noone has a right to tell you to leave an open area in fact you coulda ran in, killed him with looting, took his sword and walked away noone owns mobs so in the future ignore whoever is complaining about your asistance
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  10. While true, I do think it is common decency to allow those who discovered the mob to have their chance at fighting it. I wasn't after the drops I just came to HAAALP!!! (sic).

    Wish I could somehow not use shiny arrows when killing regular mobs. Used another 5 getting back to spawn.
  11. im just saying for future reference when someone is rude like that dont feel like you have to listen. i too came to help and just ignored the protests, when i was done i picked up the loot and put it in a chest
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  12. I just thought we would need some help :I