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  1. Hi all
    The huckleberry24 mall has now been postponed

    I have run out of money /materials so it wont be finished for a while

    However if you want it finished I have set up donations at /v huckleberry24 2 or /v +H24
    Gray Wool
    Stone Slabs

    Im also accepting rupee donations

    Any help is extremely appreciated


    2014-07-06_14.44.14.png 2014-07-06_14.44.06.png
  2. Just so you know, those items are really easy to obtain.
  3. I know, Im just asking if I could get a bit of help
  4. I was going to donate but you have -move
  5. Woops,
    I forgot I had that off for everyone !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.