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Who was right in this case? (Please before voting)

I Hate Everything 4 vote(s) 80.0%
Derek Savage 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. *NOTE* Unfortunately, I can't link you guys videos or anything like that, because IHE swears in his videos and that would break EMC's policy, so if you want to check it out for yourself, you'll just have to find him on your own.

    So recently, one of my favorite YouTubers named "I Hate Everything" got into a lot of legal trouble with a lesser-known writer, Derek Savage. IHE has a series on his channel known as The Search for the Worst, with one of the videos in the series being about Savage's "Cool Cat." Now, here's what happened:
    Derek Savage freaked out about IHE's video, copyright striking it and having it removed off of the channel. This sparked a ton of arguing between the two of them, and at this point in time, IHE is at a high risk of having his channel shut down.

    Savage has posted a few rather jarring tweets about this, including things like:

    "Because punks like that [IHE] are hurting the film, which hurts a part 2 film. And no, it's not fair use. Don't let them [IHE's fanbase] lie to you."
    "If that troll punk does anything Cool Cat related again, I can legally have his entire Youtube channel deleted!"
    "Then he needs to be shut down. It seems that many of those IHE people are just haters, and I don't want them around Cool Cat."
    Derek Savage has gained an extra 2,000 followers on Twitter in the past day, just because he blocked non-followers from reading/responding to his tweets after the whole IHE incident took place. And looking at his tweets as well as the way he acts, Derek is just an egotist who doesn't even regard any comments that even slightly don't go his way.

    I've got a few questions for you guys now.
    1. What would you do in this scenario?
    2. Is Savage overreacting, or is he justified?
    3. Who is right in this situation?
  2. Welp, This Derek Savage guy is overreacting. Instead of getting all Salty because some one does not like his work and sees it as "Bad", maybe he should take it as that maybe, he could try to improve his skill.

    But then again, since when can you have an Opinion on the internet and dislike something :p
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