Guys, its been fun.

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  1. Guys, EMC has been fun for a while. But unfortunately, I have to leave. I don't know how long, maybe 7 hours, 10 hours, even 24 hours, but I have to go. The reason is because of this thing called sleep. My mom has been suggesting it for the past five hours, and I have finally agreed to do this thing called "sleep" I don't know if any of you have experienced this before, but I will tell you, disconnecting for the next 7-12 hours, doing nothing but closing my eyes........ I think its going to be rough. I'll check back periodically every 10 to 20min so I can keep up to date... but I must say, I will be finally leaving now... Hope to see you all again in around 43,200 seconds! GOODBYE EMPIRE!!!!

  2. Oh god...

    All I can say; Good luck with that.
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  3. I think Equinox's toilet one was better…:p
  4. Dangit Manaico.
  5. Darn.. and there I was, thinking you were gone for good.
  6. i should try this "sleap" or is it sleeep or slap? i dont know i will try it then
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  7. Oh god... No :(
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  8. Grey text: revealed :p
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  9. I figured you'd know better than to make a goodbye thread, knowing it would be locked... So I knew something was fishy. :p
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  10. I knew something was wrong there... :confused:
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  11. For some reason, I thought it was a youtube video that wasn't loading...
    ...I'm an idiot.
  12. Agreed :p Jkjkjk
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  13. I thought it was that or an image >_<
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  14. I thought it was grey text... What else would be there, I highlighted over it as soon as I saw the blank spot.
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