Guill's Magical chicken make-inator and redstone contaptions

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  1. Hiya Homies,
    I have created a machine called the Magical chicken make-inator (or the MCMi for short XD), its a machine that creates chickens for you to eggify, and i have decided to make them for people for 10k each :p here is a picture of the one I built for TheKutesyKiraboo: please either comment below or PM me if you want one!
    Also I will be making other contraptions, they will come soon :p!!

    The fastest (i think) AFK-ish snow farm!
    I think its the fastest because i got nearly 3 DC's of snow in about 1 min of farming

    Cost: 18k ish
    its expensive because golems are a pain!!
    And it doesnt have to be made of dirt its just I dont have many rescorces :p and drt is free!!
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  2. reserved for new inventions
  3. It looks cool, but the question is obviously: what does it do? :)
  4. oops i forgot to put that in, It makes chickens :p
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  5. Bump :p
    "the MCMi is perfect"- TheKutesyKiraboo
  6. Bump lowered the price for snow farm and put it in the OP
  7. Arent exploiting glitches illegal?
  8. This isn't a glitch
    EDIT: The chicken thing isn't, but the snow is. I didn't see that...:oops: Woops
  9. Is it oops i thought that was just EMC glitches :oops: better take that down.
  10. I dont really know if it would be illegal but its where you change the break button to backspace then press f11 then you can tab out of mine craft