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  1. Hello! Countless times I've seen people ask "how do I upload a world?" in official Empire contests. This guide will tell you how to locate your save files and upload them to dropbox for the staff team to judge! I have Windows, so this tutorial's just for that OS. It's pretty simple, and here's how:

    1) Create the world you want to upload!

    2) Save and quit the world, after you're done building and ready to upload.

    3) Go to http://dropbox.com
    3a. Create an account/sign in
    3b . Press the "upload file" button, shown below:
    3c. You'll be met with a popup. Select "Choose Files"

    4) Navigate to your "saves" folder.
    4a. The last step in step 3 opened a window, most likely showing some of your files. Your .minecraft folder is located in your %appdata% folder, so to do that, replace whatever is in the address bar (I don't know exactly what it's called; see below) with %appdata%.
    4b. Click on your ".minecraft" folder.
    4c. Click on "saves"

    5) Locate the world you created earlier.


    6) Create a compressed folder.
    6a. Right click the folder
    6b. Hover over "send to"
    6c. Select "Compressed (zipped) folder"

    7) Finish your upload. Simply double-click the new zip file you created and dropbox will upload it!

    8) Now it's time to get the file to Krysyy. Hover over your newly uploaded file and you'll see a "Share" button appear to the far right. Click on that, and copy the link. Note that if you have a new account you will have to verify your email to be able to share files.
    8a. All contests have a submission form in the official post. There'll be a spot for a download link in the Google Form. Paste your copied link, fill out the rest of the form, and click submit!

    That's it! You've successfully uploaded a file to be judged! Good luck in the contest!

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  2. Thanks Penguin!
  3. This Is Really Cool... But... I Have Linux So It Took Me A While To Do This But This Helped Me A TON!
  4. This is a very nice guide indeed, thanks for sharing! And well.. I hope you don't mind but I'd like to add one thing: how to find your Minecraft saves folder.

    When in Minecraft hit 'escape' (to go to the pause menu) then click on 'Options' followed by 'Resource packs'. At the bottom you'll see an option "Open resource pack folder". Click it, and wham. Just go up one directory and you're in your main Minecraft games folder in which you'll also find the 'saves' folder which PenguinDJ mentioned.

    Now, I never used MC on Linux but to my knowledge the trick above should also work to find the main folder. Although I am aware of GUI counterparts for Linux based archivers I can't comment on their usage because... I never used them :).

    Still; open a console, go to the same directory, and then you should be able to use this:

    tar cvzf <name>.tar.gz <world saves folder>

    That is sure to work and most Windows archivers (WinRAR, Winzip, Peazip, 7zip, etc.) support this format too. Still, some distributions also provide 'zip'. In that case you can also use this:

    zip -r <name>.zip <world saves folder>

    Hope this can help too.
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