(Guide) So you want to make a wild camp

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  1. So, you got bored of town? Want to go mining? Maybe you want to see a Creeper in its natural habitat? Well look no further, because in the guide, I will show you how to make a wild camp that you will be successful at!

    Step 1, making a house: Unless you want to live outside all the time, you should make a house. It can be simple with just everything you need, or it can be large, with many rooms. Its all up to you!

    Step 2, a farm: This can be an animal farm, or a wheat/melon/potato/carrot/cocoa bean farm. Unless you like starving, you will need one.

    Step 3, a mine: As mining is the main reason people will come to the wild, making a mine is always a thing you will need. You can make your own mine, or find a cave and work it.

    Those are the three main things I think you will need, but you can add other stuff, such as:

    1. A grinder: A good source of XP can make you rich.
    2. A minecart system: I suggest you only make this if you will be using that one mine and only that one mine, or you could make a road system with them around your camp.
    3. Friends: The wild is the best if you have some friends with you!

    That's all, and I hope your wild camp will be a successful one!

    *I made this is Single player, and the seed I got is just awesome, so here it is: 1854732364301120671*
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  2. One more thing:

    Make it REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYY Far away from Spawn, unless you want to see everything go bye bye (Griefers)
  3. The next one you should make is "So you want to start a wild clan."
  4. Just add friends. :)
  5. Zulu9 made a thread like this for wild outposts to exchange knowledge. But this is a cool guide. And you will soon have to add. Ask mba2012 to build a luxury resort at the outpost.
  6. You should also add
    "Living in the wild can be boring if you have no friends, so bring some along" :p
    This is the whole reason why I only lived in SMP1's wild for a little while - because I had no friends living with me there. It's also the reason why I live at the LLO and your (legit's) wild camp.