[GUIDE] So you wanna install Schematica...?

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  1. EMC is currently in 1.12.2, so the materials in this OP are specifically for 1.12.2! When guides for future versions of Schematica or Forge are posted, I'll add links to those resources here to keep them all neatly organized! :D

    Here is a comprehensive guide to installing Forge and Schematica, with some helpful tips and tricks included! The video is a bit long and inclusive, so feel free to skip around using the table of contents and time stamps below! If you only need Forge instructions, the beginning of this guide will also be useful for you.

    LunatriusCore (a dependency of Schematica)
    • what you'll need 0:19
    • installing Forge 3:04
      • setting up Minecraft to use Forge 3:55
    • installing Schematica 6:48
    • * setting up a shortcut to .minecraft folder 8:15 *
    • Schematica controls and customizations 10:07
    • using Schematica, a detailed explanation 10:55
      • saving a schematic from in-world 11:20
      • load a schematic into the world 12:24
      • moving a schematic 12:47
      • understanding the color coding in Schematica 13:45
      • usage of the printer function 14:20
      • viewing schematics layer by layer 15:09
      • manipulating a schematic 15:56
      • adding a schematic from an external source 16:22
      • seeing a master list of materials in a schematic 18:32
    tunnel vision 19:34

    As mentioned in the video, if you have any questions please let me know! Hopefully this thread can become a kind of interactive FAQ for everyone! ;)
  2. Though I already know how to use Schematica, I must state that that video is great! And dont get me started how you have the best narraration voice :p

    Well done, Saz!
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  3. Thanks, y'all :D
  4. Saz, do you know if there is a way to put a schematic into a creative/ single player world without placing each block? Once I did use MCEDIT but that was a pain.
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  5. I've heard of it being done in some capacity on a server... but i'm not sure about singleplayer (or how it was done on a server) - but i'm quite curious myself.... some of the things I want to work on are pretty massive (too big even for the printer). I'll try to find out for us! :D
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  6. Well like I said, MC edit does worked with .schematic, but that took alot of trial and error.
  7. This is one of my favorite mods to use. Love the guide. Thanks for posting. :)

    MCEdit is good for that. Just have to know where to stand if you are trying to place something in a certain place.
  8. There is a world edit singleplayer mod

    obviously won't work on EMC, but will in singleplayer.
  9. Nice job saz
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  10. Whats the command? There is documentation that I know of that lets you paste a schematic with WE.
  11. I feel like you are talking about world edit. Mc edit is not relative to the players location.
  12. My bad, yes. I meant worldedit. You would place a schematic in the worldedit schem folder, load it in and then //paste it where you want it.
  13. Saz this is great. I am sure it will help a lot of players.
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  14. I believe that it's just default worldedit commands, which they have a whole wiki for: http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit/Clipboard

    it has literally everything you need to know about worldedit. Just remember that larger schematics have the possibility to crash your game!
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  15. Oh ok good to know. Also bit late for that afvice. I have coated my friend hundreds of dollars everytime I use world edit on his server, probably why he closed it. XD
  16. Cool vid saz think u can do one on world edit eventually
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  17. I don't see why not! :D
  18. Yey
  19. One thing you can also do from within the game is access the config file options directly.

    First click the [Mod Options] in your escape menu.

    On the side is a mod list - Click 'Schematica' - Then click the [Config] button below it

    Now you have access to individual mod options (I use Render tab the most):

    Server tab - For configuring file size allocations, and to allow for printer (auto placing)
    *on EMC - I'd keep printer disabled*

    Printer tab - Used to configure how your character auto places and how fast. (Printer in Server needs enabled)

    Debug tab - If issues occur or you want to see steps within doing actions, enable this to display it.

    General tab - Used for specifying types of blocks excluded, and the directory where schematics are saved.

    Render tab - Used to configure transparency values of blocks (Alpha), how far you can see the blocks, and whether you want to see outlines of individual blocks.

    *note* at the bottom of the options list, you can specify whether to save globally (ie. on multiple servers)