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  1. Referral Contests: A Guide

    A lot of players have come to me confused about how the referral contest works and how they can participate. Therefore, I present the guide to referrals, posted a while back, but presented again so that people can see it and READ it =P

    How do I get my own Referral Banner/Link?

    Go to the My Empire tab and click it. Then click scroll down and find your referral banner link.
    It’s that simple. (pic below for reference)

    So how do I get my referral banners noticed?

    Places like the minecraft forum are amazing places to start, but you can get the word out anywhere. Every day, there are Minecraft players that are looking for a new server to call home. By telling them about Empire Minecraft, you not only help grow the Empire, but you are also helping to shape our community and the players that make it amazing.

    But it doesn’t stop there! Use the referral banner as your signature on any forums that you frequent, minecraft related or not. The best way for the Empire to be amazing is for us to be a community, both on and off the Empire.

    The ‘looking for’ section is not the only place to be seen. Be active! Post on threads about funny things as you would on our forums or awesome features, videos, etc that you find. A single post with the referral banner in your signature is seen by everyone who views that thread. Imagine the influence that a larger amount of posts could make.

    Of course with this campaign, there are Prizes.

    As you have already noticed, there are Referral Blocks of Clickyness up for grabs each month as a thank you to those that bring the most players to the Empire site through their Referral Banner/Link. In addition, Supporter Vouchers are given to the players with the highest referral total. These amazing players are posting on forums, telling their friends, and helping to grow the Empire, one player at a time.

    In addition, there is a bonus of 20,000 rupees for every 5 players that join the Empire as a result of your referral banner/link.
    **Note: Only accounts from different IP's than your own will count towards this total goal. This is to limit people that try to cheat the system.

    Let’s grow the Empire together!
  2. I've been waiting for this for a looooong time. I'm glad to see a guide for it.
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  3. First picture looks a bit old. :p
  4. Nice guide. ;)

    I load the main page: 0 views.
    I load the thread: 3 posts already.
  5. #repost =P
  6. Welp, time to write/update my old one.
  7. Wait, nevermind. I thought it was a contest too write a guide.
  8. Now expect referrals rise up to twice as much. :pThanks for the guide!
  9. Thank...god this is up ^.^
  10. Nice to see this up again, referrals have been dying down a bit lately, I still try to keep on my toes on other forums from time to time but most of my time is spent on here! :p
  11. Do you automatically get entered? Aswell as alts
  12. The referral link/banner that you use automatically sends data to our google analytics about where the traffic to the site/game came from. So yes, you are automatically entered when someone clicks your banner or uses your referral link.
  13. Okay I went on planet minecraft and advertised EMC with my referrals and such lol
  14. Thank Aikar this is up! Been waiting a long time for it :D
  15. Not sure if this is me being stupid, but there no longer seems to be a looking for server section :\
  16. You post in the PC Servers section.
  17. Ok so I have my link, but how do I "upload" them to minecraftforums and other websites so the refferal will be notice when I post/reply?
  18. You go to the signature area on that website and put that link/code into it, save it and it'll show up when you post. There should be some kind of signature option under a set of options depending on which site you use. The areas where you can post to get noticed and people to join the Empire are all shown in this guide :)