[GUIDE] Reaching victory in the Mob Arena!

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  1. So, I hear that some of you want a chance to win the Mob Arena, do you not? Here, I'll show you how you can fight to reach further in the competitions and give you some hints on what to use.

    No more complaining about not being able to win now! :p So, let's proceed.

    First off, the mob arena is a special EMC event that's held every Wednesday by Maikar. Fight for survival, and beware that you WILL die and lose everything. The winner wins everything that was dropped on the floor after death and the glory!


    Before you even get IN the arena you need to be prepared so that you don't miss out. This includes having pretty much everything ready for fighting, either in your vault or on SMP5. Note, if you're competing for multiple rounds, you'll need 2 or 3 sets of most of the equipment.

    You will need the best equipment that you can find. This includes easy, hopefully cheap food with the most heart healing increments. Never forget food! You'll also need potions (definitely fire, strength potions), 2 or 3 swords, and full ENCHANTED armour (must use Protection III-IV). Use a bow if you like for those pesky ghasts/withers. Plus, for more drops and if you're brave enough to lose a spot on your weapon, try Looting!

    Try out various enchantments in different games, and see which ones work best, but Sharpness, Knockback are extremely useful!

    I don't particularly want to spoil it for people that took the time to figure out what to use, so that's all up to you BUT I'll give you a few hints; take into account duration length, damage strength, how much it will protect you and how much you can afford to lose.

    I won't keep everything secret though so here's something... use snowballs for blazes - they're fast and cheap - especially before people start dying. You can even use them as an alternative to Knockback. But shhh!


    In the early waves keep it at a low. Don't kill anything unless you need to. In fact, you won't need to kill anything during most of the game.

    Don't hit the zombie pigmen.. for the love of god, don't hit the pigmen!

    Try and stick to the SIDES. You'll find that this tends to be fire-free, and you can be pretty evasive.

    Accidentally hit a pigman? About to die? Enderpearl to the other side and run and pray that someone else is getting attacked by them. -No enderpearls, thanks Nick. :)

    Try and avoid the mobs, once again - no need to kill them all. Stick near the groups though - they'll most likely be killing whatever they see so if you get in to a bit of trouble, fight it and they can too.

    ADDITION: Everyone knows that mods are evil during these. If you camp in a corner, expect some clouds with a chance of creeper.

    ADDITION: Use splash potions, and share them for the first waves.

    This is about survival, not just killing. So survival first, killing second.

    *I don't want to ruin the winners glory, so if you think that I gave too detailed tips, please let me know and I'll review it. But I do want to help people that are struggling out.*

    May the mobs be in your favour! :p
  2. Also remember that us mods can be pretty evil during this and if we find someone camping in one corner, it will RAIN creepers on them. ;)
  3. Gonna edit that in, haha
  4. I just want to throw this in there you cannot ender pearl in the mobarena...

    Thats all I'm sayng :)
  5. Nice, might help me remember to bring food.
  6. Oh must've changed :D I'll edit that too, thanks.
  7. Nice Job Alex!

    Mob Arenas would be funner if we could bet on people.
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  8. That would be cool haha
  9. This needs to be in all caps, bright, neon flashy crap, arrows, whatever. I have to answer about 30 times "wut dew we win?" "I lost _____ kan I haz back!?"

    I knew about the end of the month thing but I thought it was at the end of the match. There are 4 rounds or so and winner of each gets to pick from the chests and then either discard or give it to others.
    Sorry if my post looks weird. Someone stole my bolding and font color and I'm trying to find my own style once again. :I
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  10. That font looks good. :)

    But hmm - So the big battle is at the end of every session, too?
  11. Also, share your splash potions. The more people who survive the first spawning=Less mobs going for you!
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  12. This is a very helpful guide, may come in use when the times comes for me to wield my blade once more ;)
  13. Not sure if I'm misunderstanding you or you me haha but basically we fight a round and whatever is dropped goes into the chests in the winner box. The winner is then given the chance to just take the stuff and go, or fight a wither then take the stuff. Then Round 2 goes on. It's that repeated.
  14. Ohh haha, I think I got you. But the BIG battle is still once a month? Things have changed since I last played :p
  15. Health splash potions and if you are careful, damage splash potions are good for killing the masses of zombies and healing yourself a bit :) Damage splash potions for maybe some other mob or something
  16. I didn't want to get into that much detail :p
  17. hallelujah its raining creepers.
  18. I remember them having one for a pretty awesome sword but it couldn't be vaulted so I'm not sure if they do them. I miss them sometimes.
  19. lets be honest hear all you got to do is remember to change your Armour when it breaks and keep enoth potions to last you long as your helmet has respiration 3 and you got fire and regenration potions on your not likely to die
  20. I'll tell you from experience at getting second and third place several times, no matter how good your armor/potions, it pretty much comes down to how fast you can get mobs away from you in the end. I've had Protection IV, Thorns II, Fire/Blast Protection IV, and several other extremely good enchantments on my armor and swords (along with a rainbow of potions in my inventory) and I've still lost simply because a mob of pigmen decided to turn on me at the last moment. The one time I did win was because the person in second place happened to die about a second before me.

    Anyway, nice job with the guide Alex! This will definitely help some of the Arena newbies last a little longer. :)
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